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Bernadette Janson

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Bernadette Janson is a lover of renovating and the director Of The School of Renovating.

She knows that women get a raw deal with superannuation and the majority are facing a poorly funded retirement, particularly those on the wrong side of forty. The average superannuation payout for an Australian woman is $37,000 which is a fraction of what she makes on just one project.

Her mission is to inspire , motivate and empower women to rise above the statistics and create for themselves a brighter financial future.

Bernadette’ passion began as a hobby twenty years ago while raising her four children when she discovered her flair for turning very ordinary houses into stunning family homes that are beautiful both aesthetically and functionally

Bernadette teaches renovating as a powerful and flexibility way to fast tracking your retirement savings while keeping risk to a minimum. To find out how renovating could fast track your retirement visit http://www.TheSchoolOfRenovating.com

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Bernadette Janson

6 tips for a successful renovation

It's not hard for renovations to slip into a state of chaos. Here are six essential tips for you to stay on top of thing...
Bernadette Janson

The Block Glasshouse auction: Tragedy or triumph?

Did you watch The Block Glasshouse auction? If you were one of the millions on the edge of your seat on Sunday night, y...
Bernadette Janson

Why more women should be property renovators

It is well within the reach of the average Australian woman to make more than their day job renovating without ever pick...
Bernadette Janson

The secret ingredient to profitable renovating

Most of us know what looks and feels good in a home but don’t have the imagination or the understanding of how space a...
Bernadette Janson

5 ways to avoid blowing your renovation budget

Budget blowouts are common in renovating but costing the job can be time-consuming and newbies may be tempted to resort ...
Bernadette Janson

10 tips for lightening dark rooms

People are just like plants in that they require sufficient natural light to survive and thrive. Consequently the level ...
steps for renovation asbestos related disease bernadette janson

5 simple steps for renovators to protect themselves and their families...

Monday 25 November marked the beginning of Asbestos Awareness Week and renovators need to be doing what it takes to educ...
Bernadette Janson

3 ways the humble credit card can be a powerful tool in the renovator'...

Credit cards have been subject to some negative publicity over the past few years, but they can be an invaluable tool fo...
Bernadette Janson

Why renovations aren't always a good investment

Homeowners may think that any improvement is an investment to increase the equity in their property but consider that ad...
Bernadette Janson

5 easy checks to find out what lies beneath

Wallpaper is often a feature of old houses and other than being a pain to remove, usually isn’t too much of a problem ...
Bernadette Janson

Hills district challenging for renovators

Sydney’s real estate market is definitely on the move. An area we have had under the microscope is the Hills district,...
Bernadette Janson

Renovations that do more harm than good

Buying a home seems to ignite in many of us a primal urge to make our mark by changing it in some way.
Bernadette Janson

Transforming an ugly duckling with render

Cement Render dates back centuries and was used by the early Australian settlers to provide protection and longevity to ...
Bernadette Janson

Finding a renovation property in a hot market

At the moment it would seem that property prices are really going off and viable renovation projects are a thing of the ...
Bernadette Janson

Mastering the kitchen renovation

It is easy to go overboard with kitchen renovations given that it is such big business but it is important to keep a clo...


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