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Paul Bennion

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Paul Bennion is the managing director of DEPPRO tax depreciation specialists.
DEPPRO Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading property depreciation company, specialising solely in the preparation of tax depreciation reports for residential, commercial, industrial and leisure investment properties.

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Paul Bennion

The number one property choice for new investors

Rookie investors are choosing to purchase this property type above others, and it’s all down to two key factors. ...
Paul Bennion

Are you getting the maximum benefit from your tax return?

Forgetting to use this investment tool to its full potential could be the difference between your portfolio's success or...
Paul Bennion

Be like Buffett

Buying an investment property can be a great way to create personal wealth over the long term – just look to some of ...
Paul Bennion

What do stock market conditions mean for property investment?

Over the last few weeks the stock market both in Australia and overseas has been on a roller coaster ride, with property...
Paul Bennion

How property is shaping Australia's wealth

Property and its ability to supercharge investors' fortunes continues to produce headlines and generate debate - but ...
Paul Bennion

Housing construction revolution

A recent study by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has highlighted a quiet revolution in new housing construction ...
Paul Bennion

How mining town investors can boost cash flow

Investors suffering from the property crash after the boom can boost their cash flow by claiming full tax depreciation ...
Paul Bennion

Tax depreciation benefits can boost investors’ cash flow

A slowdown in rental growth means investors should take full advantage of their tax depreciation benefits to boost their...
Paul Bennion

The 7 deadly sins of first-time investors

If you want to build long-term personal wealth through property, you need to avoid these mistakes.
Paul Bennion

The ‘hidden taxes’ of owning property

Too many investors simply look at the headline costs of the purchase when they buy an investment property and fail to un...
 simple tax deductions

5 simple tax deductions taxpayers overlook

Individual Australian property investors are potentially missing out on thousands of dollars in tax deductions each year...
Paul Bennion

Solid trend helps appreciate depreciation

One of the most significant trends in the Australian property market has been the movement away from traditional family ...
Paul Bennion

Investors must protect themselves in boom times

History shows that property prices will likely fall again at some point, so investors need to have the right strategies ...
Paul Bennion

Importance of claiming tax depreciation

The importance of claiming legitimate tax deductions such as depreciation has been highlighted by new ABS figures which ...
Paul Bennion

First time investors missing out on cash flow benefits

With Australian property investors now spending more than $10 billion each month on buying established homes, it is crit...


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