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Lower North Shore, Southwestern Sydney still feeling the post-election bounce 12 June 2019
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Bad neighbours and dodgy decisions: Tips for avoiding strata dramas 11 June 2019
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Lenders cut interest rates as RBA announced new record low 04 June 2019
Good news for owners as prices show signs of recovery 04 June 2019
Cash rate call for June 2019 revealed 04 June 2019
Revealed: the impact of new rail projects on key markets 03 June 2019
5 factors to help pick a great investment in Perth 03 June 2019
Two cities avoid price drop in post-election run 03 June 2019
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PM's housing minister pick prompts calls for nationwide changes 29 May 2019
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Property industry reacts to new cabinet, property minister 27 May 2019
Weekly market data, auction results show green shoots post-election 27 May 2019
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New lending changes predicted to boost WA market, investors 24 May 2019
The top 5 factors to watch for Sydney’s market turn 23 May 2019
Buyer’s market puts investors in strong bargaining position, research finds 23 May 2019
Mixed bag for rentals in Sydney as fresh data released 23 May 2019
How investors should react to mortgage possessions coming soon 22 May 2019
APRA report shines light on bank attitudes 22 May 2019
How the start of 2019’s uncertainty impacted consumer sentiment 22 May 2019
Investors vital to housing challenge as affordability hits six-year high 22 May 2019
A property investor’s wish list under the Coalition government 21 May 2019
‘Absolute biggest news for finance in three years’ announced 21 May 2019
Property industry reacts to Liberal Party win 20 May 2019
One capital city holds steady as others record price falls 20 May 2019
Tips for hot markets during the downward cycle 17 May 2019
How to avoid a ‘debt disaster’ at the end of an interest-only loan 17 May 2019
Highest-ranking Australian city for luxury price growth revealed 17 May 2019
Federal election 2019: Which parties have property policies? 16 May 2019
How much excess supply does Australia have? 16 May 2019
Federal election 2019 analysis: What voting for the major parties means for property 16 May 2019
$20k reno advice from the stars: 4 tips from House Rules’ Tim and Mat 15 May 2019
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Government changes push housing growth in recovering state 15 May 2019
How much would negative gearing changes impact maintenance? 14 May 2019
Proportion of properties selling below their original price shown in latest research 14 May 2019
New modelling reveals how much investors pay in taxes 14 May 2019
Housing lending figures continued to slip over March 14 May 2019
What the new First Home Loan Deposit Scheme means for the property market 13 May 2019
Sydney Metro boosting auction clearance rates to 75% 13 May 2019
One city avoids price fall over last week of data 13 May 2019
Investors rush to secure properties in popular capital 10 May 2019
Top 34 suburbs worth buying into before negative gearing changes 10 May 2019
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Unreasonable taxes, housing affordability issues reinforced to government 08 May 2019
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Police alarmed at high levels of ‘dodgy’ unlicensed security installers 07 May 2019
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One city records price rises, mixed results for the remainder, new data reveals 06 May 2019
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Property taxes hit record highs, government pushed to wind back 02 May 2019
Agent reveals: How to save ‘tens of thousands’ when selling 02 May 2019
Government pushed on ‘huge’ investment in property markets’ future 02 May 2019
INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: How to get set for investment success over the next 20 years 01 May 2019
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Predictions: When will the Sydney market bottom out? 30 April 2019
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Important deadline on approach for Queensland property investors 30 April 2019
Property investors caught up in alleged ‘unconscionable conduct’ case 29 April 2019
Top property hotspot in Melbourne this year so far revealed 29 April 2019
Normality returns to housing markets in last week’s data 29 April 2019
When is it too late to invest in property? 26 April 2019
Property market disrupted by ‘false and misleading predictions’: RE network head 26 April 2019
The dollar values of market declines revealed 26 April 2019
Migration policy changes tipped to hit property market 26 April 2019
Predictions for the official cash rate as fresh data released 24 April 2019
Push for 'long overdue' property minister ramps up 24 April 2019
Sydney infrastructure spending ‘mishmash’ cops heat 24 April 2019
Top signs this capital city market is on the climb 23 April 2019
Home loans market takes a hit as election uncertainty lingers 23 April 2019
Major bank finds surprising results in investor knowledge survey 23 April 2019
Major cities defy trends in new data 23 April 2019
Thousands of property investors set for tax audit 18 April 2019
‘Historic development’ stands out in ABS property data 18 April 2019
Big infrastructure spend prompts ‘power house’ predictions for WA suburb 18 April 2019
Recovering capital city presents opportunity for investors 18 April 2019
Victoria tops the list for population growth in new data 17 April 2019
Construction activity to soften Australia’s economic slowdown 17 April 2019
Sydney, regional NSW see vacancy rates rise over March 17 April 2019
The only state recording positive sentiment revealed 17 April 2019
The ‘invincible’ Sydney suburbs defying the downturn 16 April 2019
Auction clearance rates see slight uptick for quarter 16 April 2019
Recovering rental market ‘in favour of landlords’ 16 April 2019
Young investors poised to take advantage of market softening 16 April 2019
'Dire' errors: experts hit out at Labor's negative gearing modelling 15 April 2019
The future of Sydney: how new levies could impact house prices 15 April 2019
Fresh data: One capital city holds steady as others fall 15 April 2019
The top most liveable Adelaide suburbs revealed 13 April 2019
Sydney market situation a ‘disgrace’, says lord mayor 12 April 2019
How to find Airbnb success in Melbourne 12 April 2019
High-growth Perth suburbs for March quarter unveiled 11 April 2019
Predictions for the property investors after the federal election 11 April 2019
Where are rents highest and lowest? 11 April 2019
New migration data points to population patterns 11 April 2019
Labor’s negative gearing modelling called into question 10 April 2019
Price jumps and bargain buys on the cards if Australia heads to a recession 10 April 2019
3 tips to get your backyard ready for residents 10 April 2019
New analysis, loan tools hit the market for property investors 10 April 2019
Adelaide’s most affordable and liveable suburbs revealed 09 April 2019
‘Live in’ renovators at risk of missing out on tax deductions 09 April 2019
Where investors can find $150k of savings in affordable suburbs 08 April 2019
Understanding divorced tenants and buyers 08 April 2019
Signs of stability in the nation’s top market’s performance last week 08 April 2019
Housing financing figures revealed in latest ABS data 06 April 2019
Shorten reaffirms negative gearing stance in budget response speech 05 April 2019
First City Deal delivers results in report 05 April 2019
Vic, NSW see approvals rise as national figures dip over February 05 April 2019
Younger investors succeeding despite not ‘given a fair go’ 05 April 2019
Negative gearing reform 'unpopular' black hole for investors 04 April 2019
Bank marks plans to revolutionise its mortgage offer 04 April 2019
Softening markets dragging down overall household wealth 04 April 2019
***BUDGET SPECIAL EPISODE*** What budget 2019 means for property investors 04 April 2019
Finding the positives in the market and thinking about your investment comfort zone 03 April 2019
Experts discuss: Will the budget promises impact house prices? 03 April 2019
600k gains in Melbourne by going one train stop further 03 April 2019
Top price growth Perth suburbs for March revealed 03 April 2019
Half of mortgage holders living month to month 03 April 2019
Regional communities set for big funding boost 03 April 2019
Victoria promised funding for fast-rail network spending 03 April 2019
Landlord slugged with $13k fine for withholding bonds 02 April 2019
Fresh data released on new property sales state-by-state 02 April 2019
Cash rate call for April 2019 revealed 02 April 2019
Wins for property investors in the 2019 federal budget 02 April 2019
Investor reveals why he dived into sharing his investment journey 01 April 2019
Should property investors expect sweeteners in this year's budget? 01 April 2019
'The likelihood of a cut is increasing': experts predict cash rate moves 01 April 2019
How the nation's top markets performed last week 01 April 2019
The top property trends to watch in the major states 01 April 2019
Critical dates and details released on Labor's negative gearing, CGT changes 29 March 2019
Housing supply to ‘significantly’ rise over next 12 months 29 March 2019
More details released on build-to-rent tax model 29 March 2019
Banks kickstarted credit tightening, major bank CEO admits 29 March 2019
INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: Why investors need to be investing now during the ‘day of reckoning’ 29 March 2019
Low confidence tied to Perth pipeline, FHB FOMO 28 March 2019
Popular state shrinks as interstate migration data revealed 28 March 2019
Why this investor’s journey makes him a remarkable man 28 March 2019
Controversial policies are contributing to property downturn, new research suggests 27 March 2019
Is this state ‘best insulated’ from the market downturn? 27 March 2019
Key tax, property policies taken to government in lobbying bid 27 March 2019
Do declining house prices weigh on spending? 26 March 2019
5 ways to secure FHBs and consolidate the property market 26 March 2019
Top 12 affordable east coast regional hotspots revealed 26 March 2019
NSW election result an opportunity for property reform 26 March 2019
Mortgage broker benefits for property investors post-royal commission revealed 26 March 2019
What the NSW election result means for property investors 25 March 2019
How the nation's capitals performed last week 25 March 2019
$100bn of investment set for seaside region 25 March 2019
Crucial cladding compliance deadline approaching 25 March 2019
The many positives of Australia’s property market 25 March 2019
Dodgy ‘roof repairing’ conmen exploiting property owners 22 March 2019
Property tax changes tipped to impact rental costs 22 March 2019
Quick tips for increasing borrowing power 22 March 2019
Canberra deemed Australia’s most liveable city by Australians 22 March 2019
The policies impacting property in the NSW state election 21 March 2019
Why these suburbs are faring better than others as prices fall 21 March 2019
New negative gearing modelling gets green light from property experts 21 March 2019
Key investor market slips away in last quarter 21 March 2019
Long-term short-stay letting strategy cops heat in Melbourne 20 March 2019
More focus on infrastructure, less on migration: Property experts 20 March 2019
The hotspots for upsizers revealed 20 March 2019
Bad debt and breaking the 'shame' cycle 19 March 2019
City of Sydney announces new housing project 19 March 2019
Big infrastructure spend for tipped to boost capital city market 19 March 2019
Two capitals avoid values slip in December quarter, ABS data shows 19 March 2019
NSW downturn: ‘Foreign investment to blame’ 18 March 2019
Debt cycle ‘shame’ holding back young investors 18 March 2019
All capital cities avoid price rise last week 18 March 2019
Western Sydney suburb sees activity boost 18 March 2019
Per capita recession ‘unlikely’ property price indicator 15 March 2019
What’s the full impact of the current property downturn? 15 March 2019
Land prices up despite fall in demand 15 March 2019
3 capital cities defy market softening for the quarter 15 March 2019
Senator calls for the abolishment of stamp duty 14 March 2019
8 lessons to learn from Sydney’s market 14 March 2019
Wins in the current market for cash, equity focused investors 13 March 2019
New property promise for NSW investors if Labor gets into power 13 March 2019
Huge spikes in mortgage costs tipped in royal commission fallout 13 March 2019
WA’s top 10-searched rental suburbs revealed 13 March 2019
Where investors can find the best yields in NSW right now 12 March 2019
Strong regional hotspot paving way for developments 12 March 2019
Credit squeeze clamping down on new supply 12 March 2019
Predictions: borrowers tipped to shake-up big four banks in 2019 08 March 2019
What the median price can get you in Adelaide 08 March 2019
New water park tipped to impact property prices in Melbourne suburb 08 March 2019
Is property investment different for women? 07 March 2019
Revealed: best-selling price ranges in the last 12 months 07 March 2019
New housing supply decline impacting economy at large 07 March 2019
Industry body calls for improvement to agent training 07 March 2019
New modelling reveals cost of proposed property tax changes 06 March 2019
Central bank speaks on property, mortgage trends in 2019 06 March 2019
What paying the median can get you in Melbourne 06 March 2019
Rent and mortgage payments patterns revealed for last quarter 06 March 2019
What does paying the median get you in Sydney? 05 March 2019
Queensland land value sees steady growth 05 March 2019
Cash rate call for March 2019 revealed 05 March 2019
Predictions revealed: cash rate tipped to hit new record by year's end 04 March 2019
Analysis: Winners and black spots for rental yield 04 March 2019
Buyer’s market thrives as new price data released 04 March 2019
Recovering market proves popular with cheap property sales 04 March 2019
Values fall again in February, but at a slower pace 01 March 2019
Try building rather than buying your next property 01 March 2019
Domestic violence victims can now break leases without penalty 01 March 2019
Property review site launches in prestige Melbourne market 01 March 2019
2 underrated factors to consider when buying a property 28 February 2019
Is cladding still an issue for Australian property? 28 February 2019
High listings point to big discounts on property in January 28 February 2019
Rate cuts to follow if new home construction falls further 28 February 2019
Industry body president using powerful position for property change 27 February 2019
‘Irresponsible’ property reports blasted, investors cautioned 27 February 2019
New home construction slows after year of record high 27 February 2019
Prestige agent shares her top 6 property sales tips 27 February 2019
Recovering market sees ‘interesting’ buying patterns as prices settle 26 February 2019
The bottom 5 suburbs in every state and territory revealed for the next 3 years 26 February 2019
49% of investors less likely to invest under Labor policies: Survey 26 February 2019
What Labor’s latest round of promises mean for property investors 25 February 2019
Last-chance bargain opportunities surface in NSW 25 February 2019
Buyer’s market abounds as new capital city data released 25 February 2019
Final report into the Opal Tower released, impact on the property industry revealed 22 February 2019
New data pointing to Sydney tradie price divide 22 February 2019
Rental vacancies rates revealed for January in NSW 21 February 2019
Latest FHB data troubles property experts 21 February 2019
Melbourne suburb jumps into $1m club despite downturn 21 February 2019
Tenants consider health benefits and perks of rentals, study finds 20 February 2019
WA’s top-searched suburbs revealed as prices recover 20 February 2019
NSW market 'strangled' by taxes and red tape, lobbyist argues 20 February 2019
Price growth reaches 6-year high in sleeper state 20 February 2019
Competition from FHBs not expected until late 2019 19 February 2019
The worst performing suburbs of 2018 revealed 19 February 2019
‘Train wreck’ tax changes for property raised with PM 19 February 2019
‘Great buying opportunities’ for careful investors looking at new-builds 18 February 2019
1 capital city records value spike, others hold steady and drop 18 February 2019
$1m-plus fines loom as new building compliance deadlines approach 18 February 2019
Borrowers up for ‘significantly’ more with post-royal commission changes 18 February 2019
Investors not ‘playing’ the game could miss out big 15 February 2019
When to sell in the current Melbourne property market 15 February 2019
New survey reveals the most preferred cities to invest in 15 February 2019
Why different flood prone areas have higher insurance prices 14 February 2019
Premium suburbs see price drops over the last year 14 February 2019
Regional Vic town sees rise in investment potential 14 February 2019
Election infrastructure spending needs to be prioritised, industry body calls 14 February 2019
Bushfires prompt warnings about insurance for investment properties 13 February 2019
Surprising case poses 'expensive' issue for property investors 12 February 2019
Bargains below $350k tipped to spring up in South Australia 12 February 2019
'Quick' reversal in sights for finance squeeze 12 February 2019
'Game changer' infrastructure spend on the cards in Queensland 12 February 2019
Big reforms announced, tipped to impact property investors in NSW 11 February 2019
Performance data reveals which capital city values held firm last week 11 February 2019
'Excellent potential for growth' spotted in popular capital 11 February 2019
New-build opportunities flagged as builders' lobby heats up with government 11 February 2019
Popular markets to plateau, luxury shows resilience 08 February 2019
$30m luxury apartment sale breaks national records 08 February 2019
Investors upbeat despite market wobbles 07 February 2019
Dodgy WA landlords facing $20k fines 07 February 2019
Values up 200% in past 20 years 07 February 2019
Coastal WA suburb sees rental yields rising 07 February 2019
Savings of up to $58k predicted for popular east coast hotspots 06 February 2019
CCTV legal straps flagged for home owners 06 February 2019
Investor insight: Why negative gearing wasn't my strategy 06 February 2019
New figures show buyer's market gains pace nationwide 05 February 2019
Royal Commission: Property experts react, share insight for investors 05 February 2019
State-by-state breakdown released for new-build approvals 05 February 2019
First cash rate call for 2019 revealed 05 February 2019
Rate cut expected as early as next month 04 February 2019
Melbourne fire raises alarm on building materials 04 February 2019
What’s the silver lining for borrowers in Royal Commission’s final report? 04 February 2019
Rentals up nearly 50% in boom-to-bust market 04 February 2019
Borrowers’ mortgage experience revealed 01 February 2019
Big buying opportunities as January price data released 01 February 2019
Dark horse capital city tipped to out-perform Sydney, Melbourne 01 February 2019
Government pushed on minister to tackle property taxes, red tape 01 February 2019
How Sydney's affordability compares to the rest of the world 31 January 2019
Surprise in price figures from WA for regional areas 31 January 2019
Warnings for investors as fire safety risk spikes 31 January 2019
'Absurd' negative gearing policy needs clarity, lobbyists say 30 January 2019
Investor insight: reaching 6 properties by 26 30 January 2019
CPI spike in December tipped as good news for property investors 30 January 2019
Building materials of the future: Bio-solid bricks 29 January 2019
Melbourne zoning sees $400k-plus value differences 29 January 2019
Key tax considerations for your investment property 25 January 2019
Major bank tips growth suburbs for 2019 in new report 25 January 2019
Insight: Is it worth buying before a federal election? 25 January 2019
Top complaints, issues in rental properties on Australia Day 24 January 2019
New record set in weekly rentals data 24 January 2019
‘Starting to bite’: New home supply hits hurdles 24 January 2019
Fresh tax crackdown captures short-term rental platforms 23 January 2019
Negative gearing proposal cops more backlash following Shorten’s comments 23 January 2019
‘Sexy’ reno options for cashed-up tenants 22 January 2019
5,000-plus rise in homes up for auction last quarter 22 January 2019
Infrastructure, retail spend tipped to boost west coast city 22 January 2019
Building boom creating cheaper buys, new report says 22 January 2019
5 renovations that could save thousands in tax dollars 21 January 2019
Middle-income earners, investors report highest stress levels 21 January 2019
Boom-to-bust market continues recovery with 5-year low vacancy rate 21 January 2019
Quit the 9-to-5: Diversifying your business by becoming a buyer's agent 18 January 2019
Top 50 NSW suburbs for total stamp duty paid revealed 18 January 2019
New-sales data for end of 2018 released 18 January 2019
Spike in distressed property sales tipped for big Australian market 17 January 2019
Court time set for man in property investment, development case 17 January 2019
New housing finance softening a result of tightened stock 17 January 2019
How these former investors manage to live the double life between countries 17 January 2019
Are distressed properties worth your time? 16 January 2019
Demand rising for rentals in recovering capital city 16 January 2019
Positive or negative geared properties: What’s best? 16 January 2019
Values spike in recovering, boom-to-bust market 15 January 2019
Two capitals hold steady while other vacancy rates rise 15 January 2019
Opal Tower report released, ‘significant works’ required 15 January 2019
Opal Tower unit prices tipped to tumble, valuer weighs up pros and cons of buying 14 January 2019
Top 6 property resolutions for 2019 14 January 2019
Tax, rental considerations of upsizing and downsizing 14 January 2019
‘Fast tracked’ policy push for medium-density housing tipped to impact NSW 11 January 2019
Perth’s top price growth suburbs for 2018 unveiled 11 January 2019
New house supply approvals at 5-year low 11 January 2019
National survey reveals states' growth expectations 10 January 2019
Accounting giant predicts when Sydney and Melbourne will recover 10 January 2019
Beware the traps of interest-only lending changes, says mortgage broker 10 January 2019
Short-term rentals set for big boost in Victoria 10 January 2019
‘No brainer’ boom markets as lending conditions change 09 January 2019
Tips for renovating to increase your rent 09 January 2019
Broker flags ‘time and time again’ mistakes with financing 09 January 2019
String of changes pushed for as new-builds cop heat 08 January 2019
Top hotspots with big infrastructure spend in 2019 08 January 2019
Perth values stabilise, 'staggering' figures reported in rental market 08 January 2019
A certifier speaks: How the Opal Tower was approved 07 January 2019
Insight: How Smart Property Investment's editor picks winners 07 January 2019
$14bn in property resales recorded in new data 07 January 2019
LJ Hooker shares tips for ACT market after 18% gains in 2018 19 December 2018
Highlights of the 2018 Northern Territory market 04 January 2019
Strong 2018 for Tassie market, mixed outlook for 2019 02 January 2019
Major bank reflects on SA market wins for 2018 01 January 2019
Reno favourites for property investors over Christmas 28 December 2018
Boom-to-bust market recovers lost ground in 2018 28 December 2018
Population slow-down one to watch for property investors 28 December 2018
Queensland's top performers carry investors into 2019 27 December 2018
2018 Victorian market winners defy 'doom and gloom' 26 December 2018
NSW tipped for calm as investors await government moves 21 December 2018
Top housing picks for the 2019 federal budget 20 December 2018
Best-performing suburbs for 2018 revealed 20 December 2018
Perth market conditions at 5-year high for buyers 19 December 2018
Cheaper renos, builds on the cards as new study kicks off 19 December 2018
New interest-only loan changes and how they impact property investors 19 December 2018
New breed of ‘accidental’ investors tipped to rise in 2019 18 December 2018
5 obscure suburb hotspots for under $500k 18 December 2018
‘Pleasing’ year-end with new home sales 18 December 2018
Big incentives for property investors under new housing package 17 December 2018
Summer buying opportunities crop up in big markets 17 December 2018
How property developers can win in a softening market 17 December 2018
Office investment in Melbourne is boosting resi investment 14 December 2018
New suburb offering long-term gains for investors 14 December 2018
How to get your property research right 14 December 2018
The top 50 regions of growing and declining dwelling value 13 December 2018
Housing finance difficulties to continue to June 2019 13 December 2018
Don’t let your tenant’s Christmas lights shine too brightly 13 December 2018
House prices see largest price drop for last 7 years 12 December 2018
Population growth challenge needs to combat skill shortages, says property expert 12 December 2018
Sydney in top 6 cities for ultra-prime property sales 12 December 2018
$850 yearly savings won with small mortgage changes, ACCC finds 11 December 2018
Discounts of 7.3 per cent from vendors in Sydney market 11 December 2018
‘Suck it up’ on tax changes investors told as 40% of rentals avoid negative gearing 11 December 2018
The future of apartments: Talking exit signs 11 December 2018
Expert insight: Making money by picking properties 10 December 2018
What the latest federal budget update means for property investors 10 December 2018
140k properties fall short on insurances 10 December 2018
Buying opportunities flourish as summer markets continue soft run 10 December 2018
Financial complaints soar as new body opens doors 07 December 2018
More than half of all loans go through a broker 07 December 2018
WA the most affordable state for the quarter 07 December 2018
2019 predictions see equity, buying wins for investors 06 December 2018
State-by-state wrap of housing turnover revealed 06 December 2018
What makes Melbourne a global investment hotspot? 05 December 2018
1 in 3 first home buyers opting to invest 05 December 2018
FHBs take a hit despite affordability improvements 05 December 2018
‘Credit squeeze’ continues to drive loan approvals down 05 December 2018
Big markets get to most affordable levels since GFC 04 December 2018
Final 2018 cash rate call revealed 04 December 2018
$200k declines forecast in big-name markets 03 December 2018
Perth's housing market up for second consecutive month 03 December 2018
Look interstate for the best deals, says real estate president 30 November 2018
3 tips to spruce up a property for sale this Christmas 30 November 2018
Lenders turn cold on Sydney investors this Christmas 29 November 2018
Property expert downplays Labor's negative gearing attack 29 November 2018
Investors keeping rents high across the country 29 November 2018
Australian capital city named best APAC investment hotspot 28 November 2018
Building supply solid amid ‘unfolding credit crunch’ 28 November 2018
New infrastructure spend boosting Perth hotspots 28 November 2018
Real estate boss reveals top Sydney picks for 2019 27 November 2018
Calls for more property regulation hit a hurdle 27 November 2018
Interest-only loans divide property investors 27 November 2018
Popular hot spot tipped to see apartment values rise 27 November 2018
What this property investor takes from his job as a social worker into his portfolio 26 November 2018
41% of mortgage holders ignore cash rates 26 November 2018
$250k savings in Sydney market, prime trade-up time 26 November 2018
Educator reveals the Achilles’ heels of property investors 26 November 2018
Capital cities steady in latest values update 26 November 2018
Insight: The difference between younger and older investors in this market 23 November 2018
Forgotten market a win for savvy investors 23 November 2018
Boom-to-bust market set for 2019 recovery 23 November 2018
Impossible lending environment is ‘rubbish’, investors told 22 November 2018
New Victorian supply set to cool over next four years 22 November 2018
‘Ludicrous’ costs to investors slammed as regulator cops heat 22 November 2018
Bargains set to hit the market in wake of royal commission 21 November 2018
Global giant buoyed by Aussie property prices 21 November 2018
Migration cut plans set to impact property market 20 November 2018
'Bagging a bargain' easier in December, investors told 20 November 2018
Major bank reveals predictions for property market in 2019 20 November 2018
Big opportunities for property investors in 2019, expert tips 19 November 2018
Vacancy rate creeps back up in Sydney, down in regional NSW 19 November 2018
New housing supply tipped to take hit 19 November 2018
Australian home sizes at 22-year low 19 November 2018
Queensland pet reform proposals cop criticism 16 November 2018
New laws pass for signing residential property agreements 16 November 2018
Property spruiker hit with record $18 million fine 15 November 2018
Laws are changing – How do you pet-proof your property? 15 November 2018
Changes in apartment markets continue throughout September 15 November 2018
Prime NSW destination sees spike in short-term lettings 14 November 2018
Government called on to fix 'significant blockage' in credit supply 14 November 2018
New app for property investors in WA hits the market 14 November 2018
Calls for investor tax breaks intensify up after new national poll 13 November 2018
What comes first: An investment property or a home? 13 November 2018
Perth property lot sizes shrinking dramatically 13 November 2018
Major bank finds first-home buyers buck history 12 November 2018
Stamp duty reform blasted for using outdated tax brackets 12 November 2018
Only one capital city saw solid value growth last week 12 November 2018
New property-focused social media platform launches 12 November 2018
Airbnb snaps up rental market share, blasts ‘deeply flawed’ report 09 November 2018
Top reasons properties pass at auction 09 November 2018
Investor lending hits record lows over September 09 November 2018
Big Rockhampton infrastructure spend tempts investors 08 November 2018
Data reveals most expensive, affordable capital city regions 08 November 2018
Optimism after third quarter decline in SA market 08 November 2018
'Bad parental advice' foils first home buyers' strategies 08 November 2018
A 4-point checklist for securing finance 07 November 2018
Top 68 suburbs for growth in Queensland revealed 07 November 2018
'Second surge' on its way for listings before Christmas 07 November 2018
‘Misguided’ policies on new properties blasted 06 November 2018
Aussie property, rentals flop in international survey 06 November 2018
New black hole from property taxes 'inefficient and inequitable' 06 November 2018
Fears of ‘out-of-cycle’ bank rate moves quashed by top economist 05 November 2018
Just 2 cities avoid price drops nationwide 05 November 2018
Valuation fears quashed despite supply influx 02 November 2018
Cash rate predictions are in: How low can they go? 02 November 2018
Property taxes get a bashing, govt called on for change 02 November 2018
Why context is important in Sydney’s property market 01 November 2018
Tax form step catching out property investors 31 October 2018
The goal-setting mistakes property investors make 31 October 2018
Expert tips for buying into a strata property 31 October 2018
A broker’s do’s and don’ts of a good investment loan 30 October 2018
What the federal election means for property investors 30 October 2018
Which state missed out on a rise in house sales? 30 October 2018
Secrets for investors from the LA auction scene 29 October 2018
What capital gains tax changes mean for your property portfolio 29 October 2018
'Unwanted alarms' top list of property investor headaches during Schoolies 29 October 2018
Auctioneers share where demand is strongest in Sydney and Perth 26 October 2018
Tips for the future of Queensland's regional hotspots 26 October 2018
Which technology will be key to the future of the rental market? 25 October 2018
Doomsday predictions proving a winner for savvy investors 25 October 2018
Land demand spikes across Australia, latest figures show 25 October 2018
Negative gearing proposal tipped to slow renos, new builds 24 October 2018
Rising demand in regional WA pointing to improving market 24 October 2018
2 problems that can ruin a new property purchase 24 October 2018
How property investors can claim $9k in deductions 23 October 2018
Positive signs for Spring NSW market in new data 23 October 2018
Buyer’s agent shares how his own investment journey began 23 October 2018
3 top lessons from a property educator and investor 22 October 2018
Data tips stable hot spots amid downturn 22 October 2018
Calls to drop negative gearing met with alternative tax proposal 19 October 2018
7-year high stock levels point to a buyer’s market 19 October 2018
The 3 habits Millennial investors need to change 19 October 2018
Tenants get more power in NSW after new legislation passes 18 October 2018
Regional areas winning over capital cities as markets soften 18 October 2018
Property commentator shares how far $500k will take you in a capital city 18 October 2018
$18m investor shares his ‘life-changing’ first investment 17 October 2018
‘Quick hit’ investors losing out in Australian market, says real estate boss 17 October 2018
Biggest capital city markets improve on affordability index 17 October 2018
‘Wealth taxes’ in property prompt lobbying for new minister 16 October 2018
‘Easy’ capital growth strategy revealed by long-time investor 16 October 2018
Data reveals capital city vacancy rates, house rents hold steady 16 October 2018
What's the sweet spot for affordability and cash flow? 15 October 2018
House-and-land developments concerning lenders, says property consultant 15 October 2018
Only one major capital city sees value rise 15 October 2018
Developer eyes Sydney’s south-west as boom area 12 October 2018
Embrace big property downturns, investors told 12 October 2018
Surprise as rental yields up to 9.2% in mining towns 11 October 2018
What the ATO is watching if you hold property in your SMSF 11 October 2018
'Win-win' for property investors in latest government move 10 October 2018
New product for property investors hits the market 10 October 2018
Top property lecturer reveals his best lessons 09 October 2018
Dodgy ex-agent to pay $30k after ‘serious misconduct’ 09 October 2018
Fixed rate loans spike as banks circle 09 October 2018
The secret to acquiring nine properties in two years: How he did it 08 October 2018
Mistakes landlords make and how you can avoid them 08 October 2018
Getting it right with calculating mortgage stress 05 October 2018
4 tips to maximise the profits of your property flips 05 October 2018
New property analytics tool hits the market 05 October 2018
Rental reform looms, will tenants have too much power? 04 October 2018
The top 20 suburbs primed for apartment demand revealed 04 October 2018
Understanding lingo that trips up the smartest property investors 03 October 2018
Where are Sydney’s renovation hotspots for October? 03 October 2018
How have these popular hotspots performed? 02 October 2018
Rental reforms announced in investment hot spot 02 October 2018
Trick catching out property investors set for government swoop 01 October 2018
Investing as a couple? Here's what you need to watch out for 01 October 2018
Bank reveals top reasons property investors avoid loan applications 28 September 2018
Fears simmer about more cuts to investor lending from banks 27 September 2018
Buyers eye Hinterland areas as 'tree change' sets in 27 September 2018
Expert reveals the best-performing capital city market on the mainland 26 September 2018
When are interest-only loans going to be more viable again? 26 September 2018
Melbourne developments missing out on middle of market 26 September 2018
Rentvestors feeling the full force of mortgage stress 25 September 2018
Cladding rectifications to see ‘huge’ decrease in property values 25 September 2018
Market softening not scaring majority of investors 24 September 2018
How to navigate through the danger zone of interest-only loans 24 September 2018
Single capital city avoids value decline 24 September 2018
NSW rental reforms announced: What’s changed? 21 September 2018
The 5 questions you need to ask when buying off the plan 21 September 2018
A cheat sheet for what brokers and lenders love and hate to see 20 September 2018
Revealed: property investors' biggest auction fears 19 September 2018
Rents fall and vacancy rates rise across Sydney, most of regional NSW 19 September 2018
15 capital city hotspots primed for capital growth past 2018 18 September 2018
5 reasons a bank will reject your mortgage 18 September 2018
Property resales in June quarter hit near 5-year low 18 September 2018
Melbourne and regional Victoria suburb hotspots for September 2018 revealed 17 September 2018
One capital city stands out among the rest for value improvement 17 September 2018
How to survive an expiring interest-only loan 14 September 2018
Value growth movements for regional areas: Winners and losers for August 2018 13 September 2018
Buying and selling property with cryptocurrency: Mainstream by 2020 13 September 2018
Victoria’s ‘Rent Fair’ reforms pass Victorian Parliament 12 September 2018
Property prices decline as majority of capital cities drag down 12 September 2018
High investment levels in NSW and Vic don’t ‘make much sense’: CoreLogic 12 September 2018
How to find hotspots in a market of ‘irrational exuberance’ 11 September 2018
Investing in mining towns: Is it worth it now? 11 September 2018
Sydney’s rocky spring setback only temporary, key suburbs expected to shine 07 September 2018
Mortgage rate hikes bad for entire property market: CoreLogic 07 September 2018
APRA investor measures have ‘run beyond their usefulness’: industry body 07 September 2018
Vic rental reforms ‘unfair, unworkable and impractical’: REIV 06 September 2018
Housing affordability sees strides in short-term, falls off in long-term 06 September 2018
Perth vacancy rate reaches 3-year record 06 September 2018
Sydney’s Northern Beaches ‘oblivious’ to greater city trends 05 September 2018
South Australia Budget 2018–19 — What property investors need to know 05 September 2018
3 big property investment myths busted open 04 September 2018
Housing stock up, asking prices steady over August 04 September 2018
No value rises as capital cities mostly hold steady, few decline 03 September 2018
The top 40 hotspots that ‘pay for themselves’ 03 September 2018
The one key ingredient investors need right now to succeed 31 August 2018
Building approvals for July let down by crucial state 31 August 2018
The top 25 areas set to see an abundance of new units 30 August 2018
Returns over next 5 years ‘are likely to slow’: Shane Oliver 29 August 2018
Supervisor, business fined $10k for non-compliant roof 29 August 2018
Home loans most affordable in the NT, investor competition rises in NSW 29 August 2018
Solar-powered apartment trial announced in Victoria 28 August 2018
Secure your property’s value a with covenant agreement 28 August 2018
Only 1 major market records rise over week 27 August 2018
The 5 key investing trends to expect this spring 27 August 2018
Where vacancy taxes hurt foreign investors the most 27 August 2018
Share of cheap properties in decline 24 August 2018
New PM announced: Industry experts reveal what it means for investors 24 August 2018
Negative gearing only icing on the cake, warns expert 23 August 2018
The top 12 Perth rebound suburbs revealed 23 August 2018
Vic vacancy rate hits all-time record low 23 August 2018
Who can value your property in an SMSF? 22 August 2018
Watch out for levies when apartment hunting 22 August 2018
The 3 red flags that point to a bad investment area 21 August 2018
The most popular Perth suburbs for premium property 21 August 2018
How does Australia’s best performing capital city move? 20 August 2018
Capital city property values mostly hold steady 20 August 2018
Property under a Dutton-led government: What could it mean for investors? 20 August 2018
What Phil Tarrant’s buyer’s agent looks for in a hotspot 17 August 2018
Vacancy rates steady in Sydney, mostly down in regional NSW 17 August 2018
Record supply figures in top markets point to easing affordability 17 August 2018
Smaller markets beat out Sydney and Melbourne for premium property sales growth 16 August 2018
What ‘boring’ Brisbane needs to do to boost property prices up 15 August 2018
$1.1m fines, jail time for non-compliant combustible cladding in effect in NSW 15 August 2018
The driving force behind asbestos removal 15 August 2018
ATO increases scrutiny on short-term holiday rentals 14 August 2018
House sales pump up in the Pilbara area over June 2018 quarter 14 August 2018
Reliable returns and low holding costs on offer from this ‘disappointing’ state 13 August 2018
Two major markets avoid value decline amid overall drop 13 August 2018
‘It is unfair’ – Experts weigh in on Victoria’s Airbnb legislation 10 August 2018
Sydney 8th most overpriced global property market 10 August 2018
Where do Australia’s major prime markets rank? 10 August 2018
The highest returning capital city market for August 2018 confirmed 09 August 2018
Victorian Airbnb legislation passes both houses 09 August 2018
Investor lending hits 5-year low amid financing decline 08 August 2018
What can and can’t affect your credit score? 08 August 2018
Australia’s population of 25m highlights need for affordable housing 08 August 2018
‘Draconian’ Vic rental laws will attack property owners: REIV 07 August 2018
Property Council pushes for national energy guarantee 07 August 2018
$500m – The cost of APRA’s investor red tape 06 August 2018
Property buyers saved by upcoming amendment to electricity meter regulations 06 August 2018
Only one major capital city doesn’t record value fall 06 August 2018
July market data reveals what rest of year could hold 03 August 2018
Apartment construction matching house construction 03 August 2018
Sydney and Melbourne real values show larger declines looming 02 August 2018
Use your SMSF to buy property wrong at your own risk 02 August 2018
Why it’s always a good time to invest 31 July 2018
Falling markets or falling investor demand: What came first? 31 July 2018
New home sales up for the first time in 2018 30 July 2018
Melbourne faces sharp decline while most major markets fall 30 July 2018
Badgerys Creek land in high demand 30 July 2018
Don’t fall for the Brisbane trap 27 July 2018
Foreign investment tax loophole removed in legislation draft 27 July 2018
Good news for property buyers, not so for rental property owners 27 July 2018
New listing data reveals supply and demand problems 26 July 2018
Falling land sales highlights need to look into land data 26 July 2018
Why investors should care about $10m more for Tasmania’s Devonport 25 July 2018
Houses became more affordable over June quarter 25 July 2018
The most popular regional Victorian hotspots 25 July 2018
The one key thing that will make Perth investments accelerate 24 July 2018
1 in 8 areas reach double-digit growth 23 July 2018
Be wary of real estate scams, warns the ACCC 24 July 2018
Most major markets avoid a decline but values slip further in Sydney 23 July 2018
WA property expected to rise as economy expected to be the ‘fastest growing’ 23 July 2018
Tasmania – Sustainable investment or high-risk? 13 July 2018
The most in-demand Perth suburbs for July 2018 13 July 2018
Days to lease in Perth improve while rental listings down for June quarter 2018 12 July 2018
3 tips to kid-proof your backyard 12 July 2018
The most in-demand Hobart suburbs for July 2018 12 July 2018
The 33 suburbs seeing better growth than capital cities 11 July 2018
The most in-demand Brisbane suburbs for July 2018 11 July 2018
5 steps to take on low-risk property developments 11 July 2018
Slowing investor lending leading to slowing new home building 11 July 2018
The most in-demand Sydney and Melbourne suburbs for July 2018 10 July 2018
4 tips to win an auction through body language 10 July 2018
The hard-to-swallow truth: The prickly points of the Airbnb reforms 10 July 2018
Avoid the temptation of holiday homes this school holidays 09 July 2018
Home values decline as Sydney, Melbourne keep slipping 09 July 2018
Australia under pressure to cap price growth 09 July 2018
How Baby Boomer property investors can have a successful retirement 06 July 2018
Where the major off-the-plan hotspots are around Australia 06 July 2018
The best and worst suburbs in Melbourne to invest in 05 July 2018
Slowing rents show rental properties need clear differentiation 05 July 2018
Call for government to take on new green construction code 04 July 2018
Housing approvals accelerate for one record-breaking property type 04 July 2018
Stock opened up while prices fell over June 04 July 2018
Top Perth suburbs for June 2018 03 July 2018
RBA announces July cash rate decision 03 July 2018
What July’s cash rate means for investors 02 July 2018
Not all doom and gloom as June dwelling values declined 02 July 2018
Surprising number of investors getting dodgy advice 29 June 2018
Major markets see new house sales continue to slip 29 June 2018
Stamp duty doubled over last 10 years 28 June 2018
Property transactions on the way down 28 June 2018
Premium suburbs leading the charge for Perth market 27 June 2018
Budget roundup 2018–19 and tax — What property investors need to know 27 June 2018
Research reveals gaps in property investors’ knowledge 25 June 2018
Which places paid the most and least for tradies across Australia this year? 25 June 2018
One capital city sees values up while values down on the whole 25 June 2018
Western Sydney NSW Budget 2018–19 overview — What property investors need to know 22 June 2018
Better planning needed for senior-targeted developments 22 June 2018
Nearly $10bn injection into Karratha heralds major recovery 22 June 2018
Regional NSW Budget 2018–19 overview — What property investors need to know 21 June 2018
Where are listings seeing the biggest rises and falls? 21 June 2018
When property experts give back their prosperity 20 June 2018
NSW Budget 2018–19 overview — What property investors need to know 20 June 2018
Tasmania Budget 2018–19 — Good for property investors in the short term 18 June 2018
Next big property markets set for high levels of demand 18 June 2018
2 major markets see values keep on rising 18 June 2018
Tasmania Budget 2018–19 — What property investors need to know 14 June 2018
Premium property declines while affordable properties on the rise 14 June 2018
Looking to buy soon? Here’s what you need to do 14 June 2018
Median house rents go up across capital cities as house prices decline 13 June 2018
Housing investor loans at two-year low 13 June 2018
Queensland Budget 2018–19 — What property investors need to know 12 June 2018
Melbourne thick with population hotspots 12 June 2018
Sydney values recover while overall major markets hold steady 12 June 2018
Build-to-rent should have rules and tax rates of commercial property: Property Council 08 June 2018
Why Sydney unit investors should be targeting families 08 June 2018
Biggest markets see new house sales drop in April 08 June 2018
Housing credit slowed to lowest point since 2013 07 June 2018
Housing affordability sees improvement while rental affordability worsens 07 June 2018
The 10 worst rental mistakes investors make in Perth 06 June 2018
Airbnb reforms unpacked for property investors 06 June 2018
Property to be boosted by infrastructure incentive funding reforms 05 June 2018
Queensland tipped to win interstate migration State of Origin 04 June 2018
Sydney, Melbourne values keep slumping, smaller markets rising 04 June 2018
Unit auctions stronger than houses during first week of winter 04 June 2018
Outlook for new home construction has ‘improved significantly’ 04 June 2018
What you need to know about the ACT’s removal of commercial stamp duty 01 June 2018
4 tips to nab the apartment of your dreams 01 June 2018
The suburbs least and most likely to be green 31 May 2018
Aussie builders bucking the trend 31 May 2018
The state of Australia’s nearly $1bn strata sector 31 May 2018
Canberran area offers investors ‘confident’ option 30 May 2018
3 tips to tune-up outdoor house spaces for an easy winter sell 30 May 2018
Government targets financial literacy but is it enough? 29 May 2018
Northern Beaches suburb outperforms Sydney market 29 May 2018
Half of agents see increased demand for Sydney and Melbourne from interstate and overseas 29 May 2018
Home values in major markets see slight slump 28 May 2018
Popular reno video game great way to get into renovating, says expert 25 May 2018
Which suburbs are seeing high interstate migration? 25 May 2018
Why Australian property is the best to invest in 25 May 2018
Units on a $500k budget – How close can you get to a CBD? 24 May 2018
Time on market quickening for regional Victorian hotspots 24 May 2018
Micro apartments a tricky investment for investors 23 May 2018
Where are tenants struggling the most to pay rent? 23 May 2018
Sydney risks losing its ‘brand promise’ 22 May 2018
Cash flow analysis reveals surprising results about rental returns 22 May 2018
The hidden gems and traps of tax time 21 May 2018
Perth predicted to see housing shortage over next 2 years 21 May 2018
Home values continue to hold steady overall 21 May 2018
Capital cities and regional areas: When are they worth your time? 18 May 2018
How close can you get to a CBD with $500k? 18 May 2018
Sydney market ripe for Gen Y and Z investors 16 May 2018
Has Purplebricks ruined fixed-fee agencies? 16 May 2018
Biggest markets see home values hold steady 15 May 2018
How you can deal with a serial complainer to a body corporate 15 May 2018
Vacancy rates hold while asking rates slip in April 15 May 2018
Leading economist predicts Sydney unit demand to outgrow house demand 12 May 2018
Rent-stealing PM fined $25k, banned for 10 years 11 May 2018
Why you should take a long-term view of Australia's fastest growing city 11 May 2018
New platform that allows investors to be tenants too goes live 11 May 2018
The key things investors need to tackle tax time 10 May 2018
3 Australian cities make list for most expensive to build in 10 May 2018
Which regional areas are Australians moving to? 10 May 2018
CEO and co-founder leaves buyer’s agent agency Cohen Handler 10 May 2018
Budget 2018 — ‘A good budget for investors’ 09 May 2018
Budget 2018 — Why you should care about the ‘unfair’ vacant land tax changes 09 May 2018
Budget 2018 — What investors need to know 08 May 2018
Getting ready for EOFY — 5 quick tips for investors 08 May 2018
1 in 2 Aussies considering overseas property investment 08 May 2018
Budget 2018–19: What the experts are expecting 07 May 2018
Home values see overall decline with biggest markets slipping 07 May 2018
Perth property boom predicted to follow lithium boom 07 May 2018
Tax worries loom over investors as budget time nears 04 May 2018
Building approval data rising indicate strong population growth 04 May 2018
Getting double-digit returns in Queensland — How to do it 04 May 2018
Test your knowledge with our Queensland quiz! 04 May 2018
Governments line their pockets with record-high levels of property tax cash 03 May 2018
2 must-watch Queensland areas set for future growth 03 May 2018
Sunshine Coast economy second-best regional in Queensland 03 May 2018
3 tips to keep the cashflow coming and tenants warm this winter 02 May 2018
How to find yields of 8% in Queensland 02 May 2018
Dodgy property investment advisers run rampart, but there’s hope 01 May 2018
Cairns: The most exciting market in Australia? 01 May 2018
Where to invest and where not to invest in the Queensland market 01 May 2018
Over 50% of investors relying on past performance 30 April 2018
Renovating in Queensland: What investors need to know 30 April 2018
Housing should respond to supply and demand, not tax: Scott Morrison 27 April 2018
Housing more affordable than 30 years ago: Experts 26 April 2018
Only one capital city sees dwelling values reach peak 26 April 2018
What the RBA wants you to know about changing from IO to P&I 24 April 2018
Why investors need to keep an eye out on international markets 24 April 2018
Growing Greater Geelong suburbs the most expensive in regional Victoria 24 April 2018
40 tight areas set for a boom, and they aren’t Sydney or Melbourne 23 April 2018
Can fractional investment really get you into the property market sooner? 23 April 2018
Sydney ends falling trend as overall home values see further stabilisation 23 April 2018
Property confidence levels reach new high 20 April 2018
Home reno shows ruining reno expectations 20 April 2018
‘Stupid’ ruling hurts landlords with interstate tenancy disputes in NSW 19 April 2018
New app launched to assist DIY renovators 19 April 2018
GST changes targeting ‘dishonest developers’ in effect 18 April 2018
Vacancy rates inch down while asking rates creep up over March 18 April 2018
Ignore a recession and miss out on up to 40% growth, says expert 18 April 2018
Perth property market popularity predicted to rise next financial year 17 April 2018
Black is the new black for bathroom renovations 17 April 2018
Sluggish rents on the rise, yields holding strong 17 April 2018
Budgeting for a property: Where people go wrong and succeed 16 April 2018
Which Sydney suburbs can get emergency tradies the fastest and slowest? 16 April 2018
Brisbane unit market ‘a buyer’s market’ 16 April 2018
Fluctuations in home values lead to overall stabilisation; listings mostly down 16 April 2018
NAB’s tips on house prices and hotspots to watch this year 11 April 2018
Victorian pool costs ‘significant and pointless’ burden on investors 11 April 2018
Investor regulatory interventions causing apartment downturn 11 April 2018
NAB: What the experts are predicting for markets and investors 10 April 2018
Southwest Sydney houses predicted for positive prospects 10 April 2018
Sydney’s reno hotspots revealed 09 April 2018
Don’t pick the cheapest agent to sell your property – here’s why 09 April 2018
Central Coast region set for solid growth 09 April 2018
The best capital city in March revealed 03 April 2018
How to save up to $3.6m in Melbourne’s top suburbs 03 April 2018
No crash in sight for Melbourne, but tread carefully 29 March 2018
Want areas with low unemployment and affordable property? Look here! 29 March 2018
RBA ready to break record by doing nothing 29 March 2018
The number one influencer of any property market 28 March 2018
Where first-time investors can get a deal in regional Victoria 28 March 2018
New house sales continue to decline 28 March 2018
Sydney property – How long until you see profit? 27 March 2018
How Gold Coast units can be prepared for the Commonwealth Games 27 March 2018
Extreme 20-year long-term approach needed for Perth market 27 March 2018
What fixed fee agents offer investors 26 March 2018
Canberra housing market a low-risk investment option 26 March 2018
Auctions hit new record, home values back to fluctuations over last week 26 March 2018
Sydney will always be ‘bloody expensive’, says expert 23 March 2018
The bidding actions that make you look like an amateur 23 March 2018
Regional Victoria experiencing strong auction results 23 March 2018
World’s first VR display village unveiled 23 March 2018
How late is ‘too late’ for property investment? 22 March 2018
New $3m medical centre to boost Two Rocks property market 22 March 2018
Where are the worst suburbs to resell a property? 21 March 2018
Successful crowdfunding venture paves way for profit in triple-digit growth suburb 21 March 2018
Large insurance premium rise incoming for South-East Queenslanders 24 March 2018
Sydney offering the least for investors, Brisbane offering the most 21 March 2018
More property investors reselling at a loss than owner-occupiers 20 March 2018
‘Giggle money’ and FOMO: What’s disrupting Sydney property statistics 20 March 2018
Perth and Darwin rising property sales paving way for future growth 20 March 2018
The APRA knock-on effects putting investors under the magnifying glass 19 March 2018
Home values on the decline, listings keep trending downward 19 March 2018
Sydney sees stabilising vacancy rates for the month, up for the quarter 19 March 2018
Does Melbourne have good long-term prospects? 16 March 2018
Where the Australian dream is at, and where it’s going 16 March 2018
Investor loan rate rises linked to APRA benchmarks: ACCC 15 March 2018
Suburbs with the highest and lowest turnover revealed 15 March 2018
Capital cities see property prices rise except for one, vacancy rates down in most 14 March 2018
The worst and best ways to make an offer to an agent 14 March 2018
LMI: How you can avoid this trap from the banks 13 March 2018
Don’t fall for the Commonwealth Games hype 13 March 2018
IO fixed rate loans predicted to come down ‘in the next few weeks’ 13 March 2018
Unlicensed builder fined $15k highlights the need for hiring qualified tradespeople 12 March 2018
Zoning policies: ‘oppressive’ and ‘unnecessary’ 12 March 2018
Home values fluctuate across the board, listings trending downward 12 March 2018
Perth vacancy rate at two-year low 12 March 2018
Which areas have property prices supercharged by jobs growth? 09 March 2018
The fastest selling capital city property around Australia 08 March 2018
Investor red tape is not the answer for slipping housing affordability 07 March 2018
The hottest February private sale markets for regional Victoria 07 March 2018
The biggest mistake when buying an investment property 06 March 2018
What’s pushing up Brisbane land values? 06 March 2018
Why the current auction climate in Sydney gives the best chance to buy right now 05 March 2018
Home values up in only one major capital city; listings slightly up all round 05 March 2018
A rentvestor’s guide: The perfect places to rent and invest 02 March 2018
5 strategies to outplay auction mind games and win 02 March 2018
New report finds a place for every kind of investor 02 March 2018
What kind of bidder are you? 01 March 2018
3 key landscaping tips this autumn that work all year long 01 March 2018
2 investment strategies to kickstart your portfolio 28 February 2018
The red flags to watch out for with dodgy tradies 28 February 2018
Retiring Baby Boomer boom to shift Perth property market 28 February 2018
What to avoid when DIY-ing 27 February 2018
Two South-West Sydney suburbs’ growth supercharged by gentrification 27 February 2018
Don’t solely rely on data when buying a property 27 February 2018
High-crime property hotspots outperform capital cities 26 February 2018
Most home buyers flit through inspections and regret it later 26 February 2018
The surprising thing boosting property prices by nearly half a million 26 February 2018
Owner-occupiers feeling mortgage stress, while investors are "very healthy" 23 February 2018
The next property decline is here – what’ll push it back up? 23 February 2018
How to avoid being hit by a $200k renovation fine 23 February 2018
Don’t get ripped off: Where the most and least expensive tradies are in Sydney 22 February 2018
What’s the big thing in the way of a property decline? 22 February 2018
39 affordable suburbs with growth better than Sydney and Melbourne 21 February 2018
Commonwealth Games’ ‘sugar fix’ impact naive, says Queensland expert 20 February 2018
Investors continuing to leave market and be replaced by first home buyers 20 February 2018
Big NSW suburb ‘negative growth traps’ to avoid 19 February 2018
Sydney sees vacancy rates rise while property growth slows 19 February 2018
Learning from a disaster: 3 lessons from Cyclone Debbie for strata property owners 16 February 2018
Property value growth slowing outside of Sydney and Melbourne over last 10 years 15 February 2018
Construction set to moderate while renos expected to boom 15 February 2018
Regional Victoria’s most affordable suburbs primed for growth 15 February 2018
Top 10 suburbs to avoid when buying off-the-plan in 2018 14 February 2018
Cost of land keeps on rising, impacting on housing affordability 14 February 2018
Energy efficiency changes to home building code revealed 13 February 2018
Investors running scared with APRA to blame 12 February 2018
Yanchep property demand boosted by opening of secondary college 09 February 2018
Most property sales taking longer than a year ago: CoreLogic 08 February 2018
Queensland landlords playing Russian roulette with inadequate fire alarm usage 08 February 2018
Scott Morrison on neg gearing scandal: “The Treasurer is going to have his view” 07 February 2018
The cheapest and most expensive tradies around the country revealed 07 February 2018
Property commentator calls BS on long-standing property myth 06 February 2018
Women twice as likely as men to consider investing: Westpac 05 February 2018
Where are the hottest suburbs around Australia? 02 February 2018
Knowing when it’s time to sell a property 02 February 2018
Victoria rental reforms address ‘politics’, not ‘problems’ 01 February 2018
Sydney house prices struggle while Hobart sees best growth in over a decade 01 February 2018
Don’t just rely on median house prices, professional body says 31 January 2018
The changing face of development trends: Townhouses, small spaces, design and finances 31 January 2018
Where are the most expensive regional suburbs in Victoria? 31 January 2018
Refine your own investment strategy, recommends buyer’s agent 30 January 2018
Perth rents set to rise in tight rental market 30 January 2018
Does South East Queensland still deserve attention? 29 January 2018
Where this investor is at with his plan to double his portfolio in 10 years 29 January 2018
Residential house building fall to be “softer than anticipated” 25 January 2018
Making sure your tenants have a fair dinkum Australia Day 24 January 2018
WA jobs boost predicted to help property in 2018 24 January 2018
Sydney second most unaffordable market in the world 23 January 2018
Melbourne’s cheapest, most expensive and highest growing suburbs revealed 22 January 2018
Demand for home loans on the rise 19 January 2018
9 out of 10 properties flipped for profit in 2017: CoreLogic 18 January 2018
House building may be ‘stronger than many analysts expect’ in 2018 18 January 2018
The profits and perils of pools: avoiding over-capitalisation 17 January 2018
The top financial goal and burden for 2018 revealed: paying off mortgages 16 January 2018
How you can avoid a $14k short-term renting ‘nightmare’ 15 January 2018
Selling property is one of life’s most stressful tasks, survey reveals 11 January 2018
Avoid flat fee agents, industry body warns 11 January 2018
What to do and not do when buying into a development 10 January 2018
New home approvals rise to 15-month high 10 January 2018
5 hotspots boosted by infrastructure projects 09 January 2018
Negative gearing removal, altering CGT, would have had “small” impact on property prices 08 January 2018
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The hottest spots investors wanted to know about in 2017 03 January 2018
How this investor sees returns up to 16% 02 January 2018
The most popular advice from the experts in 2017 29 December 2017
The most popular investing news in 2017 27 December 2017
Residential vacancy rates stablise across Sydney and most of NSW 21 December 2017
How to keep the peace in a strata property this Christmas 20 December 2017
Experts have their say on Newcastle inner-city suburb hotspot viability 19 December 2017
Survey reveals what irks tradies the most 18 December 2017
Renovations slowdown in 2017 predicted to continue through to 2018 15 December 2017
REISA moving to protect tenant’s right to own pets 15 December 2017
SA4 areas largely seeing growth over the last five years 14 December 2017
New dwelling sales cooled over 2017 14 December 2017
A third of Melbourne suburbs priced over $1 million 13 December 2017
2018 to be “Year of the First Home Buyer” in Perth 13 December 2017
Future of eco-friendly dwellings revealed 12 December 2017
Home values rising across most capital cities, yet slip overall 11 December 2017
Perth’s median house and rent prices stable, with rents set to rise 08 December 2017
First Home Super Saver Scheme and downsizing incentives pass both houses 08 December 2017
Stylist shares 2018’s top 5 interior decorating trends 07 December 2017
Housing affordability on par with early 2000s levels 07 December 2017
Interest-only loans fall a ‘slam dunk’ for APRA 05 December 2017
RBA reveals cash rate decision 05 December 2017
Victoria’s dwelling approvals rising, but declines predicted for 2018 and 2019 04 December 2017
7 thrifty mistakes that could spell bad news for landlords 01 December 2017
Metropolitan Melbourne yields outperformed by regional Victoria 30 November 2017
P&I loans may be the only entry point into the market in the future 29 November 2017
Clock ticking away on illegal cladding claims in NSW 28 November 2017
2018's top 3 house and unit hotspots for Hobart 28 November 2017
Landscaping predictions for 2018: What’s hot? 24 November 2017
Perth’s top 15 undersupplied suburbs 23 November 2017
Melburnian short-term letting law proposals: Experts have their say 22 November 2017
8 out of 10 buildings built with dangerous cladding 21 November 2017
Perth property market predicted to see a positive 2018 21 November 2017
The costly niche trades causing investors to tread carefully 20 November 2017
Surprising result amid capital city investor slowdown 16 November 2017
Demand for renovations cooling 16 November 2017
Australians showing signs of optimism over property market 16 November 2017
Double standard property legislation passes both houses 15 November 2017
How brain surgery turned this investor’s passion for property into a career 09 November 2017
‘Cinderella’ of Australian tourism Scarborough primed to ride international tourism wave 08 November 2017
Housing construction expands for ninth consecutive month while apartment construction contracts 08 November 2017
Draft changes for GST on new property purchases announced 07 November 2017
Negative gearing, mortgage stress and foreign investment driving unsustainable property 06 November 2017
Commentator claims property predictions by insurer to be ‘ballsy’ 03 November 2017
Property listings down, asking prices up over October 03 November 2017
Sydney property listings bounce upward this spring 02 November 2017
Waiting for property can be a waste of time, says buyer’s agent 01 November 2017
SA market down for the quarter, but 'optimistic' rebound imminent 31 October 2017
Sydney apartment market expected to fall in 2018, but may bounce back 30 October 2017
Historic lows of housing stock turnover recorded for Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra 27 October 2017
What keeps investors up at night and which professionals do they turn to? 26 October 2017
Regional housing predictions for 2020 revealed 25 October 2017
Capital city property predictions for 2020 revealed 25 October 2017
1 in 3 Australians have given up on owning a home 24 October 2017
Buyer’s agency launches new education program 24 October 2017
Slight investor return to market could usher in ‘APRA mark III’ 23 October 2017
Large jobs growth paving way for high WA returns 23 October 2017
Most Australians feel forced into renting, new poll finds 23 October 2017
Experts say WTF to housing affordability 19 October 2017
Renovation boom predicted for 1980s property 18 October 2017
4 top trends for increased renting profitability in late 2017 17 October 2017
Build to rent could surpass strata properties 16 October 2017
New dwelling starts could worsen affordability crisis 13 October 2017
Sydney house prices fall for the first time in nearly 3 years 12 October 2017
How close is the property bubble to bursting? 12 October 2017
How the Victorian tenancy reforms compare to the rest of Australia 11 October 2017
New Victorian tenancy reforms ‘strike good balance’: Ex-REIV CEO 10 October 2017
Yanchep fastest-growing Perth suburb: ABS 10 October 2017
Investment tips and tricks revealed soon at Property Buyer Expo 09 October 2017
Fix rate loan demand dipped over September yet still high 06 October 2017
Investors smarter than owner-occupiers over debt, assets supporting debt 06 October 2017
Why investors should do due diligence with an architect 05 October 2017
Australia’s best suburbs for rentvesting 04 October 2017
Dwelling approvals and sales up for August, but still low 04 October 2017
RBA makes cash rate decision 03 October 2017
Investing in the US and Australia: What’s the difference? 29 September 2017
10 years on: which properties doubled their purchase price, and which didn’t? 28 September 2017
Why one school zone can be 12% better than another 28 September 2017
Why affordable hotspots are hotter than pricier suburbs 27 September 2017
Investors have their say: confidence high, most popular capital city, and better regulation 27 September 2017
How to avoid a DIY disaster 26 September 2017
Residential real estate at healthy levels: Mortgage Choice 25 September 2017
How to find a gem among the weeds 22 September 2017
Nearly 3 out of 4 households indebted: CoreLogic 21 September 2017
Vacant Perth rental properties drop below 10,000 21 September 2017
Regional WA offering investors rental yields of up to 10%: report 20 September 2017
Vacancy rates on way down, weekly rent rates up 19 September 2017
How should you sell: auction or private treaty? 18 September 2017
Bigger CGT discounts and MIT changes: Government details housing affordability measures for investors 15 September 2017
Hobart could be the next Sydney, says property market analyst 15 September 2017
Changing economic conditions a crisis for unprepared investors 14 September 2017
Retirement property firm faces lawsuit as sector comes under scrutiny 13 September 2017
Short-term letting: not for the faint of heart 13 September 2017
Expert’s tip for negotiating: the fast offer settlement 12 September 2017
Government takes ‘sledgehammer approach’ to new property legislation 11 September 2017
New Perth marina to turn Ocean Reef into next hotspot 08 September 2017
Budget measures for housing affordability introduced to Parliament 07 September 2017
CoreLogic shows the best capital cities for returns 07 September 2017
FHBs come out to play despite affordability downturn 06 September 2017
Weak Perth rental market foreshadowing softened market overall 06 September 2017
NSW’s most searched for suburbs by experts revealed 05 September 2017
Buyer’s agents give their 2017 spring property predictions 01 September 2017
The hottest spots across Australia for retirees 01 September 2017
The top 10 cheapest suburbs in Perth near the CBD 31 August 2017
Median prices or values – which is more important? 30 August 2017
Landlords rejecting pet owners missing out 30 August 2017
‘The great Australian dream’ threatened by limited supply, increased demand 29 August 2017
Perth’s rental yields falling, capital growth outlook still strong 29 August 2017
Greens’ policy ‘out of touch’ with Queensland rental market 25 August 2017
Interest only loans proving less popular 25 August 2017
Low housing turnover signalling ‘warning bells’ for housing industry 24 August 2017
Perth property that can save investors a year’s salary 23 August 2017
Major rebound predicted for Brisbane property market 23 August 2017
Demand in Victoria set to outnumber supply 22 August 2017
Apartments and detached housing doing well in the ACT 22 August 2017
The ever-falling supply of sub $400k stock 18 August 2017
Adelaide rising as new apartment hotspot 18 August 2017
1 in 4 young Aussies says rentvesting the only way to get property 18 August 2017
5 buying fails to avoid through a buyer’s agent 16 August 2017
Pyrmont an apartment hotspot with 120% rise in prices 16 August 2017
The difference between renovating for selling and renting 16 August 2017
The hottest spots for under 30s across Australia 15 August 2017
New dwelling lending healthy, but expect to decline through to 2019 15 August 2017
Impact of APRA restrictions on investors wearing off 15 August 2017
ACCC warns of property spruiker ‘selling lies’ 14 August 2017
First home buyers returning as investors leave housing market 14 August 2017
$1m property sales hit record high 11 August 2017
Nearly half of all investors plan for the long term 11 August 2017
Footscray attracting young adults seeking apartments 10 August 2017
High levels of housing to remain high before they fall 10 August 2017
Legislation announced to end “dodgy and dirty” DAs 09 August 2017
Studio apartments proving popular for property owners 09 August 2017
Foreign investors paying nearly four times as much as locals to invest 08 August 2017
Property glut will force Perth rental property owners to sell 08 August 2017
Who is the average rentvestor? 07 August 2017
Property fire ignites discussion on cannabis houses 04 August 2017
Legal loophole threatens NSW landlords’ ability to dispute unruly tenants 03 August 2017
5 red flags to watch out for when purchasing property 03 August 2017
Housing turnover holds nationwide 03 August 2017
Lithium mining boom predicted to further boost WA property market 03 August 2017
Research shows crowdfunding successful alternative to buying property 02 August 2017
When should buyers be buying in Perth? 01 August 2017
Capital gains slow down while capital city dwellings go up 01 August 2017
What’s the rate tipping point to stop investors? 31 July 2017
Experts have their say on Perth’s recovery period 31 July 2017
Why were 1 million properties vacant on census night? 28 July 2017
Sydney property buyers want expert opinions on development decisions 28 July 2017
Perth market entering its recovery period 27 July 2017
Low CPI good for property buyers, helping renters and hurting landlords 27 July 2017
How to protect your short-term letted property 26 July 2017
5 ways to prep your property for spring 26 July 2017
Short-term holiday letting council decision, not strata 25 July 2017
Draft legislation changes for foreign investors revealed 24 July 2017
Australia's capital cities – rising or declining? 24 July 2017
Areas in regional NSW – rising or declining? 21 July 2017
Areas in regional Queensland – rising or declining? 20 July 2017
Inaccurate Queensland jobs data throwing off investors 20 July 2017
Areas in regional Victoria – rising or declining? 20 July 2017
Sub $400k Perth suburbs set for big jump 19 July 2017
Changes to travel and plant and equipment depreciation deductions clarified 17 July 2017
Housing market status for financial year 2016-17 revealed 14 July 2017
Investors say lending restrictions are impacting on property plans 14 July 2017
Price per square metre a crucial tool for any investor 14 July 2017
Interest-only home loans falling in value for investors 13 July 2017
Perth population booming at 21,000 and growing 12 July 2017
Investors paying 80 basis points more than owner-occupiers on variable rates 11 July 2017
North Coogee slated to be Perth’s next best unit hotspot 11 July 2017
3 common mistakes when doing “DIY” depreciation 10 July 2017
Landlords ignoring pet-owning tenants missing out on charging higher rents 10 July 2017
Medium density housing on the rise 07 July 2017
Technology assisting pensioners with investment decisions 07 July 2017
Property market eases in June quarter 03 July 2017
Smart property investors need to target Perth “Cinderella” suburbs, says real estate CEO 03 July 2017
Landlord v property manager – who can do the job better? 30 June 2017
Victoria tops list as best state or territory for migration 30 June 2017
2016 census state-by-state breakdown of rents and mortgages 29 June 2017
How updating a garage door can add $20,000 to a property 29 June 2017
Granny flats to improve property up to 21% 28 June 2017
6 reasons to avoid investing in Sydney 28 June 2017
What the 2016 census reveals about property 27 June 2017
How to avoid financial pains from rising interest rates 27 June 2017
Regional home values mostly on the rise 26 June 2017
3 steps for a painless renovation 26 June 2017
South West WA’s 10 most affordable suburbs 26 June 2017
Housing market to fall by 2020 23 June 2017
Long-term viability for Western Australia’s market 16 June 2017
The best and worst suburbs for buying off-the-plan 16 June 2017
Homes become more affordable, but first home owners still can’t buy 14 June 2017
The best and worst suburbs for buying off-the-plan 14 June 2017
Property rose by 300%, but owners shouldn’t get cocky 09 June 2017
Yanchep and Two Rocks suburbs set for next Western Australia hotspot 07 June 2017
Property industry reacts to housing affordability measures 06 June 2017
May’s top 10 suburbs revealed 06 June 2017
Most affordable suburbs in capital cities revealed 02 June 2017
End of investor boom isn’t the end of an era, says a real estate CEO 31 May 2017
Housing affordability needs tax relief, not tax hikes, says Property Council 31 May 2017
Value of foreign investment in Australian real estate revealed 31 May 2017
Perth property to benefit from $1.2bn boost to infrastructure 29 May 2017
First home buyers improving Darwin market 29 May 2017
Where’s best for paying off a home through the sharing economy? 24 May 2017
St Albans is Melbourne’s newest hotspot 24 May 2017
Houses under $250,000 in Victoria’s most affordable towns revealed 22 May 2017
39 Perth suburbs poised to benefit most from new first home buyer savers scheme 22 May 2017
5 tips for landlords to survive tax time 17 May 2017
Rent bidding more harmful to landlords than tenants 15 May 2017
6 questions to ask when buying off-the-plan 10 May 2017
What kind of loan is right for you? 08 May 2017
Investors seen as smallest impediment to affording a home 08 May 2017
Quarter of capital cities have median house prices over $1m 08 May 2017
What to look for and what to look out for when investing 05 May 2017
Top 3 tips from a top Gen Y investor 03 May 2017
Why it pays to get involved with strata 01 May 2017
How to find gems in the market 01 May 2017
How should an investor approach an agent? 28 April 2017
What a buyer’s agent can offer an investor 28 April 2017
The best investment an investor can make 26 April 2017
Teaching financial literacy to your kids 26 April 2017
How to avoid a bad builder 26 April 2017
Rental vacancies falling nationwide 21 April 2017

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