The top 6 winter risks investors face, and how to navigate them 10 July 2019
Investors record mortgage wins, non-major lenders surge in popularity 09 July 2019
Gearing change may create investing ‘reversal’ 08 February 2019
Mix of ups and downs in property market last week 29 January 2019
House prices more attainable across most capital cities over 2018’s final quarter 24 January 2019
Unpopular capital city set for strong 2019 23 January 2019
Investor appetite for borrowing slows, new data shows 21 January 2019
‘Flooded’ rental market in Sydney tipped for 2019 17 January 2019
New home starts ease over September quarter 16 January 2019
Regional hotspots tipped to spike amid rains, government changes 15 January 2019
Unit rents not so hot as house rents up for December quarter 10 January 2019
Small surprises in listings, prices data for December 08 January 2019
New tool launched to speed up tenant selection 20 December 2018
Capital city vacancy rates see summer spike 18 December 2018
Landlords vital for home ownership, expert says 14 December 2018
The top 7 Sydney market predictions for 2019 07 December 2018
Investors circle as WA market bounces back 06 December 2018
Summer market arrives but November finishes soft 03 December 2018
Properties taking longer to sell in most capital cities 29 November 2018
New build-to-rent development launches in Sydney 23 November 2018
Affordability figures released for key markets 22 November 2018
'Problematic' Sydney, Melbourne focus holds back investors 20 November 2018
Only one capital city avoided value drop last week 19 November 2018
75% of property sold at below asking price last quarter 16 November 2018
Vacancy rates fall to 4 year low across capital cities 13 November 2018
Only one capital city recorded a values rise last week 29 October 2018
“Fundamental misunderstanding” in negative gearing changes 26 October 2018
Units outperform houses in Sydney and Melbourne in new report 25 October 2018
The 6 trends evolving the future of housing revealed 23 October 2018
Home values down despite slight recovery 22 October 2018
Hotspots reignite in WA as rental demand surges 19 October 2018
Battered investor market shows more signs of improvement 16 October 2018
Investment hotspots record rental drops for units 12 October 2018
New property tax passes, tipped to dampen ‘stabilising’ market 11 October 2018
Negative gearing policy plans tipped to hit low income earners 10 October 2018
60,000 lots impacted in nationwide strata moves 08 October 2018
Values slip across majority of capital cities week on week 03 October 2018
Early spring trends see boost in Sydney sea and green change areas 20 September 2018
Units selling for larger loss than houses: CoreLogic 20 September 2018
Most post-90s property purchases too expensive now for everyday Aussies 17 September 2018
Land tax cuts not good enough for SA investments: Expert 14 September 2018
Values under pressure for most capital cities, latest data finds 10 September 2018
NAB acting ‘differently’ after royal commission fiasco: CEO 10 September 2018
Over 90% of vendors have unrealistic price expectations, says agent survey 22 August 2018
Rental market holds steady with a standout exception 13 August 2018
Solid fundamentals underscore ‘overlooked’ Perth’s investment credentials 03 August 2018
Expert spotlight on Brisbane: Rush in, or fear to tread 03 August 2018
Gen Y adults to re-shape the resi landscape, drive new high-density demand 02 August 2018
Lumbering Perth giving out some concrete revival signals 01 August 2018
Know the risks of leasehold investment purchases, says expert 01 August 2018
One expert’s 3-step ‘tortoise’ approach to better property investment 31 July 2018
Building sector to switch from driver to dragger, says new report 23 July 2018
Investor beware: Airbnb lawful only some of the time 23 July 2018
New QLD investor survey reveals some unusual results 23 July 2018
Innovation, not panic, required to combat record vacancy rates, says expert 19 July 2018
Vacancies in Sydney at 13-year high 18 July 2018
Cooling prices pushing property, mortgage demand 18 July 2018
Sydney rental market slowing, latest research finds 17 July 2018
Growth, firming rental market drive confidence across SA investment landscape 17 July 2018
Regional Victoria showing up Melbourne in price performance, new data finds 16 July 2018
NSW confidence softening, but outlook still healthy 16 July 2018
Values slide continues in Sydney, Melbourne but steadies in most other capitals 16 July 2018
Sydney, Melbourne continue to slip as other capital cities hold steady  03 July 2018
Ex-Google director announced as new Domain CEO 03 July 2018
World Cup matches could score you strata problems 29 June 2018
Rising supply, tight lending creating extra drag on property market 26 June 2018
Expert: Being paid ‘on both sides’ not to be outlawed, but it's complicated 26 June 2018
APRA changes ‘finally’ noticeable, says expert 20 June 2018
Boost for investors as app sets up off-site bidding 19 June 2018
Top mortgage broker says property investment ‘more difficult’ after royal commission 19 June 2018
Perth median price decline slowing right down 18 June 2018
‘Common’ referrer practice of being paid on both sides of the fence coming to an end 18 June 2018
North-west Perth on the move after $150 million in approvals OK'd 18 June 2018
Buyer ‘apathy’ behind mortgage preferences 15 June 2018
Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo most likely to sell property in Victoria 08 June 2018
Brisbane and Queensland hit record property rises 06 June 2018
Sea or tree change? Find out which investment offers better returns 14 May 2018
PICA attacks Labor’s ‘flawed’ neg-gearing policy 15 May 2018
Trend emerges in latest ABS figures 14 May 2018
Great opportunities on offer despite significant challenges in 2018, finds risk analysis expert 04 May 2018
Investors offer novel solution to SE Queensland’s potential retirement problem 03 May 2018
How to ‘Queensland-proof’ your investment property at reno time 02 May 2018
Queensland’s hidden areas primed for growth revealed 02 May 2018
RBA announces May cash rate decision 01 May 2018
South East Queensland is a popular investment destination, but are you too late? 01 May 2018
4 steps to proper pool planning 30 April 2018
Brisbane ready to boom? When, not if, says expert 30 April 2018
Why Perth is the less obvious choice for shrewd investors keen to spread a little risk 26 April 2018
6 not-so-obvious things to consider before buying landlord insurance 13 April 2018
Recent value falls confined to upmarket markets only, report finds 13 April 2018
Australia’s latest property hotspots revealed, according to the latest REA data 12 April 2018
Clever new bathroom fixture to help reduce maintenance and repair costs 12 April 2018
APRA-initiated investor retreat behind apartment downturn 12 April 2018
Stabilisation in value and listings across all but one capital city 09 April 2018
WA sentiment highest now since glory days of mining boom 06 April 2018
New short-term rental platform launched, boasts zero listing fee, zero service fee 06 April 2018
Listings, asking prices lift in March, research reveals 05 April 2018
Debt levels rose throughout 2017, now at record levels 05 April 2018
Beware: ATO targeting fake views 04 April 2018
3 sure-fire ways to accelerate your portfolio’s profitability in 2018 04 April 2018
National values fluctuate, listings under pressure, latest data finds 04 April 2018
$1m+ property values on the rise 22 March 2018
Where are regional Victoria's top growing suburbs? 15 March 2018
Vacancy rates decline due to seasonal moving trends 14 March 2018
Ice issues prevalent in QLD with 1 in 3 homes testing positive 05 March 2018
Only one capital city saw positive value growth over February 01 March 2018
As tenancy reforms approach, regional Victorian rental demand is on the rise 01 March 2018
Home values, listings recovering, holding steady across most capital cities 26 February 2018
Home values slip in every capital city, listings decline in most 19 February 2018
Listings keep sliding while home values keep steady 12 February 2018
Value pushed up by owner-occupiers in regional Victoria 07 February 2018
Capital city home values stabilise across the country 05 February 2018
Cost of living costing Australians their financial progress 02 February 2018
Home values mostly decline nationwide 29 January 2018
SA to see value boost from infrastructure, commodities 29 January 2018
National rental rates rising, yields holding: CoreLogic 25 January 2018
Mortgage loans hit historic high 24 January 2018
Values hold steady in most capital cities last week 22 January 2018
Save tenants’ lives by installing sprinklers, new research suggests 19 January 2018
Stamp duty predicted to keep rising if left unchecked 17 January 2018
Capital city rental markets on the move again, new report finds 17 January 2018
Home values decline across majority of capital cities 15 January 2018
Don’t make the same ‘devastating’ mistake again: Ray White on negative gearing, CGT 12 January 2018
Gold Coast value predicted to push up due to rental ‘famine’ 12 January 2018
Regional Vic saw ‘exceptional’ 2017 with three sales over $4 million 11 January 2018
Declining December Sydney and Darwin values point to softer 2018 10 January 2018
The impact of removing negative gearing: high rents and zero affordability 09 January 2018
Most capital cities see active home values 08 January 2018
CoreLogic makes bold 2018 predictions, reports on ‘diverse’ 2017 21 December 2017
End of lease clean-ups costing tenants nearly $200m 21 December 2017
New off-market showcase tool now available 19 December 2017
Most capital cities see flat home values 18 December 2017
Sydney housing at highest value since 2007 07 December 2017
Listings up around the country in November 06 December 2017
First home buyers significantly changing priorities: Westpac 05 December 2017
Home values remain buoyant across most capital cities 04 December 2017
Most capital city home values keep climbing 27 November 2017
Most home values rising again across capital cities 20 November 2017
Expert shares the state of the Sydney market 15 November 2017
Want better auction results? Sell in better weather, says new research 13 November 2017
Most major cities see home values fall 13 November 2017
Leading expert reveals suburb predictions for 2018 13 November 2017
Home values remain static as industry sits on its hands 06 November 2017
Revenue streams and multi-gen living influencing how homes are used: McGrath 06 November 2017
Queensland election to confuse strata reform 03 November 2017
Adelaide trumps other capitals as most affordable rental stock 02 November 2017
Hobart strongest capital city as capital city values mostly hold steady 01 November 2017
Little movement in home values across the country 31 October 2017
Melbourne house growth slows due to new policy initiatives 30 October 2017
Capital city home values level off across the country 23 October 2017
Stamp duty changes driving first home buyer comeback 20 October 2017
Leading portal ranked top by Aussie Millennials 18 October 2017
Large-scale migration to spark ‘massive’ Queensland growth phase 17 October 2017
Home values on the move again across most capital cities 16 October 2017
Darwin on the rise, buyer activity rebounds 11 October 2017
Home values remain flat across Australian capital cities 09 October 2017
Sydney values fall in September, the rest edge higher 05 October 2017
Big Four bank makes strategic acquisition of proptech startup 04 October 2017
Home values on the rise again across most capital cities 03 October 2017
Investors warned about unlikely fire hazard 29 September 2017
New e-conveyancing platform launched to streamline process, improve efficiencies 26 September 2017
Home values remain flat across most capital cities 25 September 2017
Why your postcode is worth more than your address 20 September 2017
Home values creep in most capital cities 19 September 2017
Value increases best at top end of town 15 September 2017
Home values continue to climb, albeit very slowly 11 September 2017
Strata owners, you’re on your own: Fire Safety Forum 08 September 2017
Tinder for investors? Get ready to swipe right 06 September 2017
Little movement in home values around the country, latest data finds 05 September 2017
National housing conditions hold steady, after Sydney slowdown 01 September 2017
Home values slide in most capital cities 28 August 2017
Strata living on the rise as downsizing becomes the norm 24 August 2017
Home values maintain upward trend: CoreLogic data 22 August 2017
Houses ‘free’ in some Perth suburbs, claims industry specialist 21 August 2017
Perth renters prefer apartments, survey finds 21 August 2017
Home values maintain upward trend 17 August 2017
Vacancy rates increase across Sydney, steady around regional NSW 17 August 2017
Solar installation a serious fire risk, expert warns 14 August 2017
6 steps to securing higher yields, long-term leases 09 August 2017
Sales surge in Darwin as market makes strong return 07 August 2017
Strong turnaround sees value climb in most capital cities 07 August 2017
Independent property portal launches tailoring tool 04 August 2017
FHOG in WA discriminatory, says REIWA 02 August 2017
SA's 'fantastic' rebound in June quarter 02 August 2017
‘Critical’ Sydney headlines affordability slump, latest figures show 01 August 2017
RBA announces official cash rate call 01 August 2017
Don’t blame high prices on housing shortfall 31 July 2017
Financial comfort stable but fragile, new data finds 31 July 2017
Rental property trends on the rise, CoreLogic analysis finds 27 July 2017
High-speed rail network to help solve affordability crisis, says leading agency group 26 July 2017
Smart cities initiative praised by the HIA 24 July 2017
Home values decline across most of Australia 24 July 2017
Listings remain low as regional/capital gaps open, latest data finds 21 July 2017
New baby boomer demand to push Adelaide value, says leading agency network 21 July 2017
Inner Sydney vacancy rates highest for two years 17 July 2017
Increased buyer interest recorded in most of regional Victoria 13 July 2017
Major online portal enters lucrative auction space 13 July 2017
Investor housing finance on downward curve, says REIA 13 July 2017
Home value, activity continues to climb nationally 11 July 2017
Airbnb specialist gets investment injection, plans rapid growth 07 July 2017
2016’s record Chinese investment likely to drop in 2017 06 July 2017
Is this the last of the benevolent RBA decisions? 05 July 2017
Value on the rise across most of Australia 04 July 2017
Renters forced to surrender pets just to secure a home 03 July 2017
More jobs driving recovery in WA 29 June 2017
Sydney, Melbourne make value gains while others fall 27 June 2017
Harcourts grants $50,000 to 13 charities 27 June 2017
Blues win ‘property’ State of Origin 21 June 2017
NBN boosting regional sales in NSW, says leading network 19 June 2017
Winter weather exposing Sydney vacancy rates  19 June 2017
Good investment value to be found in NSW’s Southern Highlands 23 June 2017
Now is a good time for OTP purchases in Victoria, says expert 16 June 2017
Budget changes impact both buyers and sellers, says REIV 16 June 2017
New AI app launched for easier home loan applications 17 May 2017
Property bargains galore in Perth, says expert 15 May 2017
Property investors could be big budget losers, says tax expert 12 May 2017
2017 budget lauded for tackling supply, affordability issues 10 May 2017
Australia in a ‘property bubble’, majority of experts warn 24 April 2017
‘Perfect storm’ delivers strongest quarterly increase in four years 24 April 2017
New legislation to transform real estate in Victoria 10 April 2017
Illness could force Aussie mortgage holders out of homes 07 April 2017
5 of the biggest worries tenants have 07 April 2017
McGrath buoys leadership team with big-name appointment 05 April 2017
Business unusual: how to channel conflict into growth 05 April 2017
Charles Tarbey assumes another industry leadership role 29 March 2017
15-year ban for ‘extremely dishonest’ real estate agent 17 March 2017
1 in 3 mortgage holders fret about the future  15 March 2017
No surprise as new report finds drop in housing affordability 13 March 2017
5 (not so) common-sense tips in selecting a property stylist 13 March 2017
Curbing foreign enthusiasm a bad idea, says industry body 06 March 2017
Numbers highlight extent of Australia’s property obsession 23 December 2016
Clearance rates stay high as year comes to an end 23 December 2016
End of current housing reacceleration trend evident 09 December 2016
6 common pitfalls to beware of when taking your property to auction 07 December 2016
Most investors still favour capital cities despite affordability issues 30 November 2016
6 finance mistakes all new property investors make 30 November 2016
80% of buyers fed up with out-of-date mortgages 20 November 2016
Thumbs up for rental platform’s new pet ID feature 20 November 2016
6 things not to do in a rising market 18 November 2016
‘List now and beat the pack’ 18 November 2016
How to get a straight answer from a real estate agent 18 November 2016
How to think – and purchase – like a buyer’s agent 14 November 2016
Victoria ahead of NSW in mortgage volumes, according to new data   13 November 2016
4 tips to make the most of current market conditions 09 November 2016
The 3 golden rules of investment renovating 07 November 2016
6 ways young people can build wealth through property 04 November 2016
5 tips to grow a multimillion-dollar portfolio from scratch 31 October 2016
Investors warned about short-term outlook for apartment market 28 October 2016
8 signs you should be talking to a buyer’s agent 26 October 2016
How to build a bigger portfolio 26 October 2016
3 essentials to take your portfolio to the next level 21 October 2016
3 steps to finding the best investment properties, quickly 17 October 2016
The advice that changed everything 17 October 2016
RBA announces cash rate decision 04 October 2016
3 painfully common investing mistakes that are easily avoided 29 September 2016
3 reasons why property is still a good bet 29 September 2016
3 ways to determine the true state of the market 27 September 2016
5 ways to make more money through property 27 September 2016
Negative gearing debate to flare up again 29 August 2016
3 reasons to never open-list your property 19 October 2015
Don't be a ‘seminar junkie’ 19 October 2015

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