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Property investors have seen a 2.63% gain in BATHURST based on an increase in median home prices for the past three months.

Based on its average 5-year and quarterly capital gains BATHURST, 2795 saw average growth in the long term.

The NSW suburb also delivered a weaker performance in contrast to other Australian suburbs in terms of appreciation of property value.Investors saw the median home price rise to $390,000

Profits averaged 4.9% per annum over a 3-year period, due to an upward trend in home prices in BATHURST, 2795.

This means, real estate investors could earn a rental income of $340 based on current median home prices for the suburb.

The gross rental yield in BATHURST, 2795 is 4.53%.

An average of 11.33 real estate transactions take place per month in BATHURST which translates to 136 per annum.

Surburb overview

Sprawling along the banks of the Macquarie River is the regional city of Bathurst, some 200 kilometres from Sydney’s central business district. So much history lies behind the humble city – Bathurst was where Australia’s first inland settlement was founded, and where the first gold discovery took place.

Bathurst is also one of the few places in Australia, and the entire world for that matter, where a racetrack courses through residential spaces and main thoroughfares. Throngs of diehard motorsports fans camp out in Mount Panorama three times a year in anticipation of the year’s biggest adrenaline-pumping races happening in February, Easter and October.

The city is also admired for its fine 19th century architecture, best exemplified by the the Victorian Renaissance Court House, Kings Square, as well as other old public infrastructure and homes nearby. Memorial parks, such as the Kings Parade, are also a common sight in the area. Indeed, Bathurst is smacked dab in the midst of all the happenings and historical landmarks.

Is Bathurst a good place to invest?

From a rural area, Bathurst has evolved into a dynamic city primed for real estate growth. Its central business district stands on the western side of the Macquarie River, and is composed of a number of retail stores, corporate and government offices, and other commercial spaces. Newer retail developments, meanwhile, are situated outside the CBD.

Education and employment are also two reasons that attract families to relocate to Bathurst. The city prides itself for its outstanding academic milieu, and is recognised throughout the country as a centre for learning. Many also come to Bathurst for career opportunities.

Bathurst’s real estate portfolio consists of a mix of affordable rural and suburban properties. Rural properties for sale in Bathurst are usually vast lots mainly used for grazing, homesteads, or remote homes overlooking wetlands or prairies. Suburban homes for sale, meanwhile, are two or four-bedroom houses made of bricks or timber. As for those looking to rent, there’s no shortage of rental properties in the Bathurst area that cost anywhere from $230 a week to $400 based on listings.

Data report can be found below

Median Price $390,000 $325,000
Median Quarterly 2.63% 0%
Median 12 month 3.65% 12.65%
Median 3 years 14.71% 32.11%
Median 5 years 30% 41.92%
10 years average annual 4.24% 5.51%
Weekly media advert. rent $340 $260
Time on Market 81.0 days 76.5 days
Gross Rental Yield Percent 4.53% 4.16%
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