Property development

Development is one path a property investor might take, and in Smart Property Investment’s Development section, we keep up to date with the latest changes that impact developments, as well as provide strategies for those who want to buy into a development themselves.

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String Of Changes Pushed For As New-builds Cop Heat

In the wake of Sydney's Opal Tower faults fiasco, a certifier has made several recommendations to ti...

Opal Tower

A Certifier Speaks: How The Opal Tower Was Approved

Private certifiers have copped the brunt of the backlash about faults appearing in Sydney Olympic Pa...

‘Safety Blitz’ Set For NSW New-builds In 2019

Building certifiers in NSW are bracing for a major audit, as fears surface that hundreds of new prop...

Veena Sahajwalla

Cheaper Renos, Builds On The Cards As New Study Kicks Off

Researchers at a top Australian university have revealed the future of building materials looks set ...