How this investor is paving the way

An avid investor has his eyes on the prize, embarking on a goal to turn his efforts into supporting a big cause.

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Chris Chirstofi, property investor and chief executive officer of Reventon, has participated in the annual CEO Sleepout virtual event, raising $82,177. As part of his efforts, Mr Christofi is matching the pledges.

Following the CEO Sleepout, Mr Chistofi decided to use the money raised to acquire a block of land in Geelong. He aims to build a house on the property and eventually sell it. The property itself is situated in Mount Duneed, Geelong – a popular spot for home buyers and investors. 

The project, which he’s dubbing Brick by Brick, will see Mr Christofi auction the house off for an estimated $700,000. He’s choosing to donate the entire purchase price to charity organisation St Vincent de Pauls.

“At Reventon, we’ve been personally investing and advising others to invest in Geelong since 2014… before the boom,” Mr Christofi explained.


“It’s great that we’ve been able to ride that wave for a great cause and to raise a significant amount of money for those people who have fallen through the economic cracks.”

Mr Christofi said his project, Brick by Brick, comes as he looks to support the homeless and those struggling with gaining financial independence. He noted the cause is great to him, having been brought up by Greek-Cypriot migrant parents.

“At age 10, I sold scratchies on the streets of Cyprus. On the weekend and school holidays, I would work at my parents’ supermarket to earn pocket money and start saving money,” he said.

“At 13, I spent between four and 10 hours a day developing my snooker skills at the local pool hall to win money from adult players, when really I should have been in class.”

Commenting on his future plans, Mr Christofi said next year he aims to raise $100,000. As he has done over the past three sleepouts, Mr Christofi said he will match the proceeds from his own savings, but will this time be matching them dollar for dollar.

“It’s a massive reality check, taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout,” said Mr Christofi. 

“Living in someone else’s shoes makes you realise how tough it actually is on the streets. My wife Billie and I were cold, frightened. I can’t imagine what our homeless community is going through right now, during a pandemic.

“I know I’m blessed to be able to share my wealth with those who have less. But I encourage everyone to do what they can to help others, during these difficult times... even if it’s not monetary. 

“Give your time, spread the word, be kind – we can all help in our own ways.”

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