Find out how this property investor realised the importance of goal-setting

Blake Roeleven has acquired three properties at 33 years old, but he admits that it took time to realize the significance of one fundamental investment strategy—setting goals.


While an investor's goal could change over time, having a list set on one's mind at any given point time will provide a clarity of thought as well as good self-guidance, according to Smart Property Investment's Phil Tarrant.

Having something to aim for has helped Blake become better at navigating his way throughout his investment journey by tuning out the "negative noise" that's keeping him from ultimately maximizing the potential of his properties.

"With so many things happening between and speed bumps, road blocks—all that sort of stuff that happens in normal people's lives—it's so easy just to put everything on the back burner for a bit and say, 'You'll get to it.' It's a classic thing with property, the negative noise that comes through and it's very easy to fall within that and just say, 'I'll do it later,' rather [than] 'I'd be more keen to take the opportunity, [and] take the chance,'" Black said.

"Mitigate your risk accordingly and then be in a position to look back and say, 'Okay, well what have I learned from that? I've actually moved forward, rather than stayed still.'"


Blake considers education as one of the most pivotal thing in his investment journey. According to him, his research has helped him become more determined to succeed in property investment.

"I've done lots of reading, [and] lots of research. Most property investors do. The common thread that runs throughout is the guys that are successful usually have a quite defined tasks or goals as to what they want to do," he added.

"My general nature is that if I've set myself a task, I'm pretty damn determined to achieve it and I'll work really hard to get what I need. That's it—it is hard work. I make sacrifices where I need to, to get where I need to get, but in saying that, it's quite rewarding to be able to see a portfolio built. Go from there."

Right now, Blake is focused on his long-term goal of being able to hold an unencumbered property to generate income so he can enjoy the financial freedom and stability that he has worked hard for throughout his years long journey.

Tune in to Blake Roeleven's episode in The Smart Property Investment Show to find out how he overcame the challenges of dealing with "shonky" tradesmen, as well as the steps he's taking to keep himself on track to achieve his goals.


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