Clever new bathroom fixture to help reduce maintenance and repair costs

Bathrooms can be damp, dark spaces in rental properties, particularly with tenants who don’t always remember to turn on the extractor fan, according to one condensation expert.


Director at Showerdome Australia Maria Jory said that the solution is to install a clear acrylic lid that attaches to the top of the shower cubicle to eliminate steam build-up inside the enclosure. 

Ms Jory said that with the dome, installed bathrooms remain dry and maintenance-free.

“Tenants can enjoy mist-free mirrors, while landlords extend the life of paint and bathroom features and prevent mould,” the director said.

Ms Jory added that under the Residential Tenancies Act, landlords are required to make sure that the properties they rent out are kept “in good repair” and that this product is able to assist in this. 


“Condensation on ceilings and walls in the bathroom will damage paint and encourage the growth of unsightly mould and mildew.

“By containing the moisture in the shower cubicle, you eliminate the need for constant cleaning and redecorating in the bathroom and surrounding rooms.”

The director added that moisture damage also harms wood finishes and stains, flooring and other surfaces in the bathroom.

“Many modern homes and apartments feature ensuites, meaning moisture damage can also extend to the bedroom, making carpets, drapes, bedding and clothing damp.”

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