Long-term tenancies and hassle-free property management

In this episode of the Smart Property Investment Show, Phil Tarrant talks to Luke Jorgensen, leasing and acquisitions operations manager at Defence Housing Australia (DHA), to discuss the prime investing opportunity presented in providing housing for Defence personnel.

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They discuss the benefits of leasing properties to DHA, including long-term, secure tenancies and the additional property care services provided, virtually taking the hassle out of maintaining your investment. They also touch on the findings of a recent report that compares the holistic cost of holding investment properties with the fees charged by DHA.

Luke explains how DHA’s fees stack up against traditional property management costs, noting that by taking a lot of the unknowns out of the process of renting out a property — the vacancies during turnover for example — the overall cost is comparable or even lower than leasing your property on the wider market.

Find out more about leasing your property to DHA - https://www.dha.gov.au/investing/ways-to-invest/lease-your-property-to-dha

Download DHA’s Property Management Fee Comparison Report - https://www.dha.gov.au/property-management-fee-comparison?utm_source=DHA_website&utm_medium=Content_marketing&utm_content=DHA_website_Content_marketing&utm_campaign=001W682K08799L2W6T4U7V176G4Y


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