PROPERTY UNFILTERED: How Jyh from JD Capital acquired over $10m in property and how our mutual clients are doing the same

Welcome to Property Unfiltered, a collection of raw and uncensored conversations with Simon Loo, alongside savvy investors who are achieving their goals.

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In this episode, we trace how Jyh Kao, founder of JD Capital, created an impressive property portfolio, starting with his first ventures at just 24 years old.

He sits down with House Finder founder Simon Loo and Smart Property Investment’s Grace Ormsby to share the lessons he learnt along the way, beginning with his first investment in a small North Sydney apartment in 2011. Despite starting out on his own, Jyh’s parents soon came along for the ride as he expanded his property investment journey into Queensland and Western Australia.

COVID-19 and turbulent housing markets threw up obstacles for Jyh, but with hard work and a savvy strategy he managed to continue thriving despite challenging conditions. Now, he continues to help clients follow in his footsteps and build robust property portfolios of their own.

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