The ABCs of property investing through an SMSF

Recent tightening in lending criteria has made SMSF property investment more appealing – if investors know how to navigate it.

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With a little extra time off in April, Australians are given to pondering their work/life balance, and planning for a retirement to support their goals. On this episode, host Phil Tarrant is joined by Julie Brennan of Finni Mortgages to break down an option for property investing that seems complex but, with the right advice, is able to be navigated by any investor.

Julie explains how the landscape for SMSF property investment has seen considerable changes over the past decade, with various financial regulatory frameworks impacting its popularity. The duo discuss the current potential for an SMSF to serve as a vehicle for property investment, offering both diversification and control over one’s retirement savings.

They also share some thoughts about the transformation taking place in traditional banking, and why more and more home buyers are choosing to get help from a mortgage broker in securing a loan.


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