Renovating is a strategy which can boost your property’s value and generate equity at little to no cost. Here’s everything you need to know about renovating an investment property.

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Laorence Nohra

Sydney Home Renovations – How To Avoid A Costly Disaster

The penalties for unlicensed builders attempting to operate in NSW are severe, with combined penalti...

Bathroom renovation, renovation 101, bathroom, look and feel

Renovation 101: 14 Tips To Make Any Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

Aside from its obvious function, bathrooms have long been considered as a place of luxury and relaxa...

right bathroom tiles, renovation tip, tiles

Renovation Tip: Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are often overlooked by homeowners but aside from adding to the functionality of the space, th...

benefits of colourful bathrooms, renovation tips,

Renovation Tip: The Benefits Of ‘colourful’ Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most flexible areas for renovation where you can balance form and functio...