Charles Tarbey assumes another industry leadership role

Charles Tarbey assumes another industry leadership role

By Tim Neary

Century 21 chairman Charles Tarbey, who has more than four decades’ real estate experience, has been appointed to another leadership role in the industry.

Mr Tarbey has been appointed as the chairman of Property Connect.

As part of the appointment, Century 21 will trial Property Connect’s LiveOffer technology in Victoria and Western Australia.

LiveOffer allows potential tenants to bid live on rental properties in an auction scenario. It also allows landlords and property manager to evaluate bids.

Property Connect CEO Tim Manson said Mr Tarbey’s position as an industry leader validates Property Connect’s technology that optimises rental contract negotiation.

He said Mr Tarbey’s experience and “unique insights” into real estate markets will help Property Connect develop and refine its strategy.

“Commencing with Century 21, Property Connect’s strategy in Australia will involve targeting and running supported technology trials with large real estate groups and property management businesses, knowing that successful trials can lead to commercialisation of the technology across large networks in a cost-effective manner,” Manson said.

“His extensive dealings with networks across international real estate markets will also help shape Property Connect’s global expansion strategy moving forward.”

Mr Tarbey said the Property Connect technology has the ability to drive efficiencies in leasing properties.

“The typical renting process in Australia sees potential tenants inspect a property before writing their bid and details on a piece of paper to later be assessed by the property manager in question,” he said.

“Outside of the paper issue, the traditional process typically does not afford tenants transparency and the ability to counter-bid like an auction scenario, which may not be the most efficient situation for tenants or property managers looking to extract the best offers for their landlords.

“Further, when there are no bids for the rental property, tenants can see this and not overpay for a rental property as they may have done in the past when they were not privy to the level of interest in the rental.

“Property Connect also has the ability to improve the leasing process for landlords and property managers with the LiveOffer technology, allowing them to evaluate bids and optimise their property tenancies according to their specific priorities.

“I also especially like the fact that many landlords will have access to a live market for their rental property for the first time which I believe will be a welcome addition for many.”

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Charles Tarbey assumes another industry leadership role
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