Technology assisting pensioners with investment decisions

Technology is always changing, and if investors don’t keep up with the latest changes, they could be left behind. However, one business is helping investors past those changes.

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With many different ways to go about investing and securing finances for the future, the process can be daunting.

Simon Pressley, managing director of Propertyology, believes that technology can help investors prepare for that future.

“Retirement lifestyle on an aged pension is incredibly modest. But it doesn’t need to be that way. With a positive attitude and some professional guidance, everyone can enjoy a better future lifestyle. Investing in residential property is a popular vehicle for that,” Mr Pressley said.

“A majority of property investors confuse knowing their neighbourhood with knowing property markets. A completely different mindset to buying the family home is required when investing. The process for making all good decisions starts by reviewing 100 per cent of your choices.

“Technology plays an important role in helping us to gather good-quality information.”

Propertyology’s research shows there are 3.6 million Australians who are 65 years or older, with only 18 per cent being financially independent. For those who are not and who rely on pensions, aged pensions cost $45 billion last financial year, and is increasing by $36 million per month.

The technological services that Propertyology employs have recently been recognised through a nomination for the Telstra Business Awards later this month.

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