Buyer’s agency launches new education program

One of Australia’s larger buyer’s agency has launched an e-learning platform aiming to help those who are interested in becoming buyer’s agents, which its CEO says can allow investors to adapt their investing skills into a business situation.

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Cohen Handler launched the Buyer’s Agent Institute on Tuesday, a five- to six-week education program that is described by CEO and co-founder Ben Handler as providing an opportunity for those who want to become a buyer’s agent with expertise.

“Those that are exploring a career in the [buyers agent] sector are consistently being met with roadblocks on the way — mainly due to a lack of information and education available to help understand what it’s like to be a buyer’s agent,” Mr Handler said.

“We’ve helped build and shape this rapidly growing industry, and now we want to ensure that those who are interested in pursuing a career are basing their decision on the right information from experts in the field.”

The Buyer’s Agent Institute consists of educational materials from Cohen Handler, live Q&A sessions with Mr Handler as well as Simon Cohen, and have access to a mentorship program.


“This is not a marketing or hiring strategy. We genuinely want all buyer’s agents across Australia to be putting their best foot forward. And in order to do that, you need to have people that are interested in, and informed about this career path,” Mr Handler said.

“Having spearheaded the buyer’s agent industry in Australia, we want to ensure that the high standard and quality of buyer’s agents continue to be consistent. Education is one part of this approach.

“We’ve had plenty of people ask about whether we’re concerned about creating competition for ourselves, but we’re looking at the bigger picture — we want to ensure that all buyer’s agents are educated.”

Mr Handler also said the Buyer’s Agent Institute allows for investors to take their skills purchasing property and adapt it into a business situation.


If you're out there as an investor, ... buying property ... for yourself, this is great course for people who want to start charging for it,” he said.

“If you don't have the capital to do it for yourself, let's say because your property portfolio's at capacity or you financially don't have the money or for whatever reason, why not potentially pursue a career as a property buyer's agent and do it for other people and charge a fee for it?

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