REISA moving to protect tenant’s right to own pets

The Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) is looking to protect both tenants, their pets, and landlords in a new pet agreement.

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After undergoing a consultancy period with the RSPCA and Shelter SA, the REISA has announced it is moving forward with the belief that allowing tenants to have pets can be positive for all parties.

According to a statement from the REISA, the positives for landlords allowing pets include securing a longer term tenant with a fast turnaround and less expenditure for advertising due to how quickly a tenant can be secured.

By allowing pets, landlords can also secure a more positive relationship with their tenant due to this acceptance.

Meanwhile, by owning a pet, tenants can experience improved mental and physical health, while also reducing the number of unwanted pets in the local community.


“While it always should be the landlord’s right to ultimately make the decision about whether pets are allowed or not, it is important that a landlord recognises the many benefits that tenants with pets can offer,” REISA CEO Greg Troughton said.

In moving towards the push for tenants to own pets, the REISA has integrated a pet agreement on the REI Forms Live online platform.

“The pet agreement reinforces to the landlord that the tenant will care for them accordingly and ultimately be responsible for the pet throughout the tenancy,” Mr Troughton said.

“The introduction of a formally approved REISA pet agreement should go some way in alleviating the reluctance of landlords to ever allow a tenant with a pet into their property.”

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