Which Sydney suburbs can get emergency tradies the fastest and slowest?

Whenever there’s a critical issue that needs to be fixed fast, it’s important to know how long that agonising wait for help will take. Here’s a list of suburbs that can easily have tradies on their speed dial, and where tradies will take ages to get to you.


Looking to Greater Sydney’s various areas and looking at an average response time of two and a half hours, Parramatta properties can expect a tradie 25 per cent faster.

Eastern Suburbs properties (at 20 per cent faster) and Inner West properties (at 15 per cent faster) can expect a tradie to show up within an hour 77.8 per cent and 78.1 per cent of the time, respectively.

North Shore properties can also expect tradies to be 9 per cent faster than average.

Areas where tradies are slower than average include Western Sydney at 4 per cent longer, the Northern Beaches at 8 per cent longer, and then the Blue Mountains at 28 per cent longer.


“The Inner West and Eastern Suburbs are thriving areas for tradie supply. There are 1.5 times more tradies in these areas than Western Sydney, Northern Beaches and Blue Mountains,” said Jeremy Levitt, CEO of ServiceSeeking.

“Residents living in the Eastern Suburbs were able to find a tradie for their job much faster than residents in Western Sydney. Notably, 78 per cent of residents in Bondi were able to find a tradie within the hour, while those living in Campbelltown only managed to find a tradie within the hour 57 per cent of the time.”

The speediest and slowest suburbs for finding a tradie, according to ServiceSeeking, are:

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