Black is the new black for bathroom renovations

The use of black is making a comeback in bathroom renovations. Here’s how you can make the most of this monochrome movement.

black bathroom

According to the the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Kitchens and Bathrooms Report  for financial year 2016-17, the colour black was one of the most prominent design choices being used for bathroom renovations.

Christine Evans, marketing director of shower screen manufacturer Stegbar, who has launched two new black shower screens, said that going for black is a “timeless and ever-sophisticated” option.

“The perfect choice for monochromatic bathrooms, black is also adaptable to many other colour palettes and has the ability to both stand out or blend in.”

For investors looking to modernise their properties before selling, a tip provided from Stegbar is installing a shower screen with a black outline can create a visually appealing image, creating a frame that highlights the shower features, visually similar to a painting.


Integrating industrial architectural styles into the bathroom, such as concrete sinks and matte black tapware, goes together well with a black colour scheme as well as antique-style mirrors.

Keeping in line with the matte black tapware, extending the colour scheme to fixtures and hardware as well as keeping shapes geometric would improve the colour scheme.

If investors would rather stick to a more traditional-style bathroom, Stegbar suggests sticking with black-and-white–patterned floor tiles, along with classic-style sinks and chrome tapware and fixtures.

To avoid making a black-and-white colour scheme too sterile and cold, investors can inject wooden detail to provide natural tones.

Just like in many other styles, using mirrors and reflective materials can add additional depth to a monochrome bathroom.

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