Investing as a couple? Here's what you need to watch out for

Investing as a couple means being personally and financially aligned for the long haul. According to one mortgage broker, working out your "money personalities" can go a long way to preventing heartache down the track. 

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Aaron Christie-David is the co-owner of Atelier Wealth, but also has an investment portfolio with his partner. This stems into his job, drawing on his own experience as part of an Australian family trying to help other Australian families achieve the ‘great Australian dream’

“The idea of how people get there, there’s no one size fits all model as well. And everyone's different; your great Australian dream is different to mine,” Mr Christie-David said to Smart Property Investment.

In Mr Christie-David’s view, there can be a positive connection to be had in a relationship with “good yin and yang”, but the money personalities of the two partners can be quite different.

“Quite often money personalities and investing personalities, they don’t meet, and that's why some people can’t invest well or dont invest well, because their partner’s maybe not on board,” he said.


“That’s where we start with couples in the room, just going, ‘What do you want to do financially?’ Any Muppet can do a loan, right? It’s quite easy. But no one can really read people to find out, ‘I think you're more heavily focused on capital growth so you can absorb a loss,’ whereas if you had a wife for example, she wants cash flow, she wants certainty.

“Two very conflicting strategies and you’re trying to come together and buy an investment property, you can start to see that property selection has got absolutely nothing to do with it, your money personalities have everything to do with it.”

Mr Christie-David added that one of the biggest reasons a relationship breaks down is due to money issues, which can be further complicated with the addition of an investment property.

“No one wins if that property has to get sold off, right? And so that’s what we’re trying to say, it’s a long game and don’t rush into it,” he said.

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