New product for property investors hits the market

A new service has launched that allows users to buy and sell property, as well as to consult with agents and advisers.

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The online platform and app, Kohab’s new Dream Boards, feature allows for users to group online property listings from multiple property websites into one place and discuss them with friends and family, as well as the agents of the properties in real time.

The Dream Board feature intends to combine property listing searching and discussions relevant to the properties into one place, rather than fragmenting the process across different property websites, texting and other social media platforms.

The updated platform will also allow real estate agents, buyer’s agents and influencers to create Public Boards, public collections of property listings online to highlight specific properties.

If users like the properties they see in a Public Board, they can add that property to their Dream Board.


Users will also be able to talk to advisers and agents through Client Boards.

David Dawson, founder and CEO of Kohab, said the social networking feature came about after identifying the common pain points of buying property: stress, fatigue and communication frustration.

“We’ve created the new network to combat these experiences and bring the excitement, adventure and fun back into the journey of finding, and owning your dream property,” Mr Dawson said.

“Our aim for the platform is to make buying property an exciting, hopeful, shared experience that makes it easier for people to own property together.”

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