Top complaints, issues in rental properties on Australia Day

Strata professionals report a series of recurring issues over the Australia Day long weekend, which is critical knowledge for investors who want to keep their properties safe, secure and in good condition. 

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Keeping the crooks away

Australia Day is a time where Australians enjoy taking a day off work, but it can also cause issues between neighbouring unit occupiers, according to Archers the Strata Professionals partner Grant Mifsud.

These concerns can be exacerbated through thefts and security concerns involving properties utilising short-term rental services, he said.

“An increasing issue now in some strata buildings surrounds the after-hours collection of apartment keys and building entry fobs for short-term occupants,” Mr Mifsud said.

“There have been many reports of security breaches caused by keys and fobs being left out for collection and not secured in lock boxes or similar, allowing the wrong people gaining unlawful entry to properties.”


He said the bigger concern is thieves who make bookings through short-term letting services, and then steal from nearby units that are empty due to those who might be out celebrating the day.

To address this, Mr Mifsud said he encourages property owners to find security professionals and seek out their advice for security in apartment complexes.

“Bodies corporates can make buildings more secure by having on-site security, surveillance cameras and restricting entry and lift access fobs,” he said.

“Property owners and rental agents are also urged to report to police if they suspect a stolen credit card or a pseudonym has been used to make a booking.”

Make sure to give neighbours a fair shake

Security issues are not the only problem property owners need to be concerned about, as there are other problems that rowdy tenants can make for the owners.

Mr Mifsud provided these tips to pass onto tenants to make sure no one acts like a bogan this Australia day:

Barbecue blaze

Properties with balconies large enough for a barbecue should make sure any smoke or fire is properly managed.

“Food can easily catch fire or, worse, gas bottles can explode, potentially causing a major structural blaze,” Mr Mifsud said.

“Unit owners and tenants also need to consider whether someone smoking on their balcony will bother neighbours.”

Rock and roll CAN be noise pollution

Despite what the AC/DC song may state, loud music can cause issues between neighbours – yes, even if it’s an Australian classic.

Mr Mifsud recommended to check with the property bylaws to make sure loud noises are turned down by a specific time, usually 10pm.

Putting on the right boardies and thongs

With the long weekend set for a scorcher, Mr Mifsud said there is the temptation for partiers to strip down on balconies or communal swimming pools; there are others also living in the complex that need to be considered.

“Remember that there are more many families living in apartments these days and your guests should be appropriately attired,” Mr Mifsud concluded.

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