Warnings for investors as fire safety risk spikes

With Sydney reaching 40 degrees Celsius  in its CBD, it’s an important time to consider the importance of fully functioning fire alarms in your properties.

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Australia is no stranger to hot summers, but the current season is predicted to produce the hottest day in 12 months with a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius felt around the city.

With these scorching temperatures producing a very high fire danger ranting, it is also important to protect your property from the potential of any fires taking place.

Speaking to Smart Property Investment, a spokesperson from Fire and Rescue NSW said it is “extremely” important that properties have working smoke alarms.

“Importantly, smoke alarms alert occupants to the presence of fire and in this way saves lives,” the spokesperson said.


“All residential buildings are required by law to have working smoke alarm/s installed in specified locations.

“It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that a smoke alarm/s are installed and functioning.”

According to the National Construction Code 2016, smoke alarms should be installed between the parts of the property that contain bedrooms and the rest of the property, in any hallways connecting to a bedroom, as well as on any storeys of the building that do not contain smoke alarms.

“To maximise safe escape time in the event of a fire, FRNSW recommends smoke alarms in every bedroom and living space of a dwelling be interconnected so that if one activates, they all sound an alarm,” the spokesperson added.

If a fire does take place in your property, the spokesperson said to make sure all damage is repaired (subject to obtaining any prior required approvals) and all the property’s fire safety systems, smoke alarms included, are in proper working order.

Experts are constantly reminding property owners the importance of smoke alarms, with 15 per cent of Queensland households previously reported as not having working smoke alarms.

In response at the time, Smoke Alarms Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said those Queenslanders were “playing Russian roulette with their safety and the lives of their family and friends”.

“Families and landlords have a responsibility to ensure their properties are safe. There is no better investment than an up-to-date and working smoke alarm.”

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