7 apartment trends to keep an eye out for

There are several design trends set to shape the apartment market going forward, with smart technology and high-end fit-outs becoming increasingly viable.

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CoreLogic’s report, 10 Apartment Development Trends to Look Out For, has listed seven themes that it says will make up the apartment market of the future.

“Smart design and high-end fit-out may be some of the more conventional ways to make a property sing, but as density increases and urban living continues to take hold, some way-out design trends are likely to make their way into future apartment designs,” CoreLogic said.

The seven designs listed are:

1. Micro apartments


“While many designers are trying to squeeze all the comforts of a home into an apartment floor plan, others are building pint-sized apartments that forego the pretence altogether,” CoreLogic said.

“Think storage everywhere; modular, adaptable living spaces; sliding walls; hidden appliances; and big windows with great views that make you forget you’re living in a tiny space.”

2. Retirement pads

“Many ageing residents are downsizing into low-maintenance flats that better suit their lifestyles and requirements.

“Rather than bling, they’ll be looking for comfort, proximity to cultural attractions and resources, availability of support services, and accessible designs that help them live independently for longer,” CoreLogic noted.

3. No kitchen, no problem

“If you’ve put Uber Eats on speed dial, you’ll appreciate the growing appeal of kitchen-free living that repurposes that space for bigger sleeping and living areas,” the report said.

“Kitchens take up space that not everyone uses – so why not replace them with a microwave, toaster, kettle, and a small sink in the corner?”

4. Bring the shopping to you

“Will there be new ways for food and goods suppliers deliver to you? Think landing pads for drone deliveries, a 3D printer that lets you print out products you need on a moment’s notice, and large storage lockers to enable deliveries 24/7.”

5. Come and go as you please

“The rise of Airbnb and its ilk have had many people rethinking the need for full-time housing,” CoreLogic said.

“Expect more apartments to be designed for short-term tenancies, which includes not only online bookings but mechanisms for pro-rata utilities and rates, and accoutrements like lockable storage so you don’t have to clear out all your belongings each time you leave.”

6. Home sweet apartment

“With smaller blocks becoming the norm, higher-density living is inevitable,” the report noted.

“Instead of leaving home, kids may move into separate apartments within the same physical structure – refurbished with features such as separate entrances and dedicated parking spaces in the garage.

7. Single-use apartments

“With marriage rates dropping and people staying single for longer, apartment designers need to consider smaller designs built for the requirements of just one person.

“This might, for example, mean bigger bedrooms and smaller bathrooms, at the expense of living space that no longer needs to be divided or adequate for a whole family,” CoreLogic concluded.

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