The cheapest and most expensive tradies around the country revealed

By Sasha Karen
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With Australia entering peak renovation season, it’s important to know where you can get the most bang for your buck. One tradie finding website reveals which states around the country offer the best bargain on tradie rates.

Accumulated from 52,000 quotes, nationwide on average, data from ServiceSeeking showed all tradies saw a rise of 10 per cent in their average prices.

Victoria by far was the cheapest state for hiring a tradie, with top four out of the top 10 cheapest tradies list all coming from the southern state. Painters ranked in at number one for cheapest tradie at $39.79 per hour.

In New South Wales, plasterers were the most affordable tradie offering rates at $54.28 per hour; Queensland’s most affordable were landscapers at $54.47 per hour; and Western Australia’s most affordable tradie were painters at $52.38 per hour.

Meanwhile, landscapers in New South Wales were the most expensive tradie Australia-wide, asking for $102.05 per hour. In other states, Victoria and Queenland’s most expensive tradie were both plumbers at $95.28 and $84 per hour, respectively; and Western Australia’s most expensive tradie were electricians at $90.96 per hour.

The top 10 most affordable tradies, according to ServiceSeeking, are:

Rank Industry State Hourly rate
1 Painter Victoria $39.79
2 Plasterer Victoria $46.83
3 Landscaper Victoria $50.35
4 Tiler Victoria $50.72
5 Painter Western Australia $52.38
6 Landscaper Western Australia $53.90
7 Plasterer New South Wales $54.22
8 Landscaper Queensland $54.47
9 Carpenter Western Australia $54.56
10 Plasterer Western Australia $54.96
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The cheapest and most expensive tradies around the country revealed
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