The most popular investing news in 2017
1 minute read

The most popular investing news in 2017

The most popular investing news in 2017

by Sasha Karen | December 27, 2017 | 1 minute read

Looking back at the year that was, we reflect on what events in the investing world resonated the most with you.

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December 27, 2017

There is no better time to reflect than the end of the year, so what better way than to look back at 2017 and see what events Australian investors thought were the most interesting.

Here are the top 10 news stories that investors thought were a must-read this year:

10. Why restricting foreign investors could damage Australia’s economy

A federal government proposal regarding foreign investment restrictions could be potentially disastrous for the Australian economy, according to one property agency.

9. Research shows crowdfunding successful alternative to buying property

Research by the University of South Australia has revealed that crowdfunding can help would-be investors enter into property markets.

8. Australia in a ‘property bubble’, majority of experts warn

Australians are living beyond their means and overcapitalising on property purchases as the country remains in a ‘property bubble’, legal and conveyancing professionals have warned.

7. Lithium mining boom predicted to further boost WA property market

With the announcement of UK and France reducing the sale of petrol and diesel cars, lithium batteries are to be utilised, which sets the stage for a knock-on effect for WA’s property market.

6. Housing market to fall by 2020

The rise in house prices over financial year 2016-17 has been predicted to be short-lived by industry analyst and economic forecaster BIS Oxford Economics.

5. Rental vacancies falling nationwide

Rental vacancy rates have fallen across Australia, according to investment research house SQM Research.

4. A property crash ‘remains unlikely’

One property expert thinks that although the Sydney and Melbourne property markets continue to remain sky high, a crash isn’t on the horizon.

3. Commonwealth Games real estate legacy is ‘no myth’

The legacies that events such as the Commonwealth Games leave on their host cities is “no myth”, findings have revealed.

2. Is PerthPerth, TAS Perth, WA prime for investors?

According to data released by CoreLogic, 2016 marked a turnaround for the Perth property market, and there’s more to come in 2017.

1. Independent property portal launches tailoring tool

In preparation for the spring selling season, one independent property portal will launch a tailored data-driven tool today, giving buyers, sellers and renters access to detailed property insights.

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