Yanchep property demand boosted by opening of secondary college
1 minute read

Yanchep property demand boosted by opening of secondary college

Yanchep property demand boosted by opening of secondary college

by Sasha Karen | February 09, 2018 | 1 minute read

The opening of the new $57 million Yanchep Secondary College has seen an influx of demand into the West Australian area from families, further validating the viability of the suburb as a hotspot.

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February 09, 2018

Opened in late January 2018, the new Yanchep Secondary College has sparked quite a bit of interest in Yanchep property, according to Richard Cull, estate manager of Capricorn Beach.

Mr Cull said the lead-up to the opening of the secondary college saw a “major lift in enquiries” from families with teenagers in the Capricorn Beach estate, highlighting the demand that new educational facilitates can have on a suburb.

“Yanchep is already the fastest growing suburb in PerthPerth, TAS Perth, WA and this state-of-the-art college will be a major asset for the local community and its future growth,” Mr Cull said.

“Prospective property buyers [in Yanchep] often ask about the quality of schools in the local area because many people wanting to move to a coastal location like Yanchep have young children.

“For example, the latest census figures show that Yanchep has a very high rate of young children, with 24.6 per cent or around one quarter of residents aged 14 years or younger compared to the national average of 19 per cent.”

The school will facilitate students from year seven through to year 11 this year, with year 12 students being accepted from 2019.

“The opening of this new college has given an added incentive for more families to move into the Yanchep area over the coming years, bringing up to the very highest of secondary educational facilities like other parts of Perth,” Mr Cull said.

“In addition, the opening of the Yanchep Secondary College also signals the start of a massive increase in infrastructure growth in the suburb over the next few years that will include the new $500 million Yanchep rail line and a major new district multi-sports facility.

“All of these new infrastructure projects should propel further population growth in the area and increase the underlying demand for housing.”

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