Test your knowledge with our Queensland quiz!

By Sasha Karen 04 May 2018 | 1 minute read

If you want to invest into property anywhere, you need to know about where you’re going to invest. See if you've got what it takes to invest by testing yourself with Smart Property Investment’s Queensland quiz and find out even more about the state!

Queensland quiz


1. What year did the European settlement of Queensland begin?
2. When did Queensland separate from NSW and became its own state?
3. Simon Pressley mentioned an expansion to Cairns’ convention centre. How much money is being spent on it?
4. Around what Queensland town does the largest Aboriginal language family, Pama-Nyungan, come from?
5. Why were cane toads introduced to Queensland?
6. When renovating in Queensland, what was the first step Dr Naomi Findlay suggested to Smart Property Investment?
7. How many Prime Ministers were from Queensland?
8. What is the state’s motto?
9. Where is Queensland's Big Pineapple located? 
10. What percentage did Victor Kumar give for the median price difference between Sydney and Melbourne, and Brisbane?
11. How many State of Origins have Queensland won?
12. Just off the coast of Queensland is Fraser Island, which is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. How large is it in square kilometres?
13. What fraction of those over 70-year old does Ian Ugarte estimate will be homeless by 2026?
14. What is the faunal emblem of Queensland?
15. How long in kilometres is the Great Barrier Reef?
16. Which area was deemed to have the second-best economy in all of regional Queensland by the House Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities?
17. To the nearest million, how many people live in Queensland?
18. Setting aside international theories, the lamington is said to have been invented in Queensland and named after Lord Lamington. What numbered governer was he?
19. Queensland was the first Australian state to abolish the death penalty. In what year did this occur?
20. What four main reasons does Scott O’Neill in his opinion piece give for why Brisbane property is set for great capital growth?

How did you do?

0 – 4: Cane toad

Your knowledge of Queensland may be lacking, so investing in Queensland could be a bit risky for you, but don't worry! Just like the toad itself, you're not considered to be a pest and you can climb the ranks by studying these answers and your knowledge of Queensland will expand in no time!

5 – 9: Koala

Your knowledge of Queensland is pretty good, but like the drowsy marsupial, you shouldn't sleep on investing in Queensland. Go back through the quiz, read up, and you'll learn more.

10 – 14: Big Pineapple

You've got quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to Queensland, so you should have a great handle on investing. Even though you're pretty big, you've still got room to grow in this quiz.

15 – 19: Great Barrier Reef

You're a natural wonder and you stretch pretty far, just like your knowledge of Queensland! Recent times have eroded you though, so there's still some gaps in your knowledge, but you're nearly there! Investing here is pretty easy for you, but minor things might trip you up.

20: Lord Lamington

Just like the Lord himself, you can be considered to have a lasting influence on this state! With your knowledge, investing here should be no trouble for you!


1. 1825
2. 6 June 1859
3. $120 million
4. Burketown
5. To combat cane beetles
6. Consult with local councils about flood and cyclone ratings
7. Four. Andrew Fisher (three times: 1908–1909, 1910–1913 and 1914–1915); Arthur Fadden (1941); Francis Forde (1945); and Kevin Rudd (2007–2010)
8. Audax at Fidelis (Bold but Faithful)
9. Woombye in the SunshineSunshine, NSW Sunshine, VIC Coast
10. 26 per cent
11. 21
12. 1,840km2
13. One in three
14. The koala
15. 2,300km
16. The Sunshine Coast
17. 5 million
18. Eighth
19. 1922
20. Increasing population, improving infrastructure, jobs growth and affordable properties

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Test your knowledge with our Queensland quiz!
Queensland quiz
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