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With the mean prices of property surging (particularly in places like Sydney) over the past 12 months, the dream of owning a house, let alone an investment property is becoming out of reach for many Australians.

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Property investors are encouraged to look beyond their own state borders when considering their next investment property, as research reveals that the most desired rental suburbs in Australia might not be where investors are looking– according to Australia’s leading dedicated rental property website,

A retrospective 12 month report of the Top 10 'Most Searched' suburbs in Australia by renters during the period January - December 2015, included user search behaviour, suburb overviews, rental pricing, availability and vacancy trends to arrive at its rating. The report revealed the geographical diversity of Australia’s most desired rental locations, and featured:

1 Wollongong

2 Surfers Paradise


3 Parramatta

4 Southport

5 Port Macquarie

6 Tamworth

7 Bathurst

8 Toowoomba

9 Frankston

10 Mandurah

According to Founder and CEO, Mark Woschnak, private landlords can be at risk of under valuing their rental properties, or missing out on quality investment opportunities, through a lack of access to current data and suburb services mostly available only to professional agents:

“Private landlords are often time poor and largely unaware of the tools and resources available to assist them," said Woschnak.

“Assisting landlords to obtain real-time suburb and rental market, intelligence is key in building confidence and equipping investors with relevant information to facilitate decision making and maximize returns on their rental properties.

"Our search results show that the most desired rental suburbs might not be where investors expect and I encourage them to look beyond their own backyards when reviewing rental market trends."

“A RentReport is a must-have report for any astute property investor. It allows a comparison across suburbs for key factors such as median rents, pricing trends, vacancy periods, competing properties and days on the market, to name just a few.

“Having immediate access to comprehensive market through our range of services including RentReports, RentQuotes and RentCheck, is essential in providing landlords with immediate and valuable insights to make informed decisions about their investments and secure long-term rental income.”

As an exclusive offer for Smart Property Investment subscribers, Private Landlords can list their properties for free at until 30 April 2016 and obtain a free suburb RentReport, free tenant RentCheck and free property listing (valued at $168).

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Comprehensive, real-time suburb and rental market data, so you know your property is priced right.

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